When big names show their colors…

The fashion industry has become increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental awareness in recent years. But what about big names like Prada, Gucci or Chanel? Have they also joined the movement and are committed to environmentally friendly production?

In today’s world, where sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly important, consumers are becoming more critical of companies. Not only do you want to look good, but you also want to be sure that the fashion you are wearing was made in a fair and environmentally friendly way.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. The production of clothing requires enormous amounts of water, energy and chemicals. The use of fairer and greener methods in the supply chain is essential to combat the environmental crisis.

When big names show their colors...

In this context, it is interesting to see which big names in the fashion industry are taking a stand for sustainability and environmental awareness. Even if it is far from being the case for all companies, the number of brands striving for more environmentally friendly production is growing steadily.

In the following, we will take a closer look at some of the best-known fashion labels and find out what steps they have taken to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


When big names show their colors, it can have far-reaching effects. This is what happened with the current topic of the racism debate in sports and society. More and more celebrities from all sectors are making a clear statement against discrimination and for tolerance and diversity. But what’s behind it all?

Most of us only know about racism from the headlines and social media. But for many people it has unfortunately long been an everyday occurrence. They are directly affected by discriminatory statements and actions. The current movement shows that it is high time to bring about a change in thinking in society at large and to stand up for an open and tolerant society.

  • The role of celebrities in the debate
  • Positive example: the sport of soccer

Celebrities from sports, culture and politics play an important role in the debate about racism. They have a large media reach and can therefore reach many people. The most recent example is the initiative “Solidarity instead of agitation”, which was signed by over 1.signed by 200 sportsmen and sportswomen.

It is also encouraging that soccer in Germany has been sending out a clear signal against racism for several years now. With actions such as the “Remembrance Day in German Football” Not only do they commemorate the victims of National Socialism, they also set a strong example against discrimination and for tolerance.

Overall, the current debate shows that it is high time to change mindsets. Each of us can contribute to creating an open and tolerant society in which people are not discriminated against on the basis of their origin or skin color.


It is common knowledge that the influence of celebrities in our society is enormous. When celebrities and big names voice their opinions publicly, it can influence the attitudes of millions of people. This phenomenon can also be seen in the world of color and design. When well-known personalities declare their support for colors and trends, this can lead to a real hype.

Examples of celebrities and their color preferences

  • BeyoncĂ©: the pop diva is known for her love of bright colors like pink and yellow. In one of their collections for Adidas, these colors played a major role.
  • David Beckham: The former professional footballer has made his love for the color gray public. In his fashion collections for H&M, this color appears again and again.
  • Taylor Swift: the singer is known for her preference for pastel shades. In her music videos and on stage she often wears delicate pink, light blue or lilac.

The power of celebrities to color trends

Through their popularity and reach, celebrities can have a significant influence on color trends. Colors worn by well-known personalities can quickly lead to demand. There are countless examples of how a celebrity appearance can trigger a color wave. For example, the glittery gold dresses worn by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 Grammy Awards were in all the fashion houses in a short time.

Accordingly, it is of great importance for brands and designers to attract celebrities for their campaigns. A collaboration with a star can draw the world’s attention to a particular color or design and thus influence the market.


When big names show their colors, the reactions are often big. In social media in particular, there is controversy about whether or not companies and celebrities should take a political stance. While some welcome the power of celebrity, others warn against mixing politics with business.

But decisions made by companies and celebrities also have an impact outside of public discussions. For example, making a positive statement about the LGBTQ community can lead consumers to make targeted purchases from a particular company. Negative reactions, on the other hand, can damage a company’s image or even lead to boycotts of individual products or services.

This makes it all the more important that decisions are well thought out and authentic. This is the only way for companies and personalities to maintain their credibility and benefit from positive reactions in the long run.

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Impact of big names showing their colors…

When big names show their colors, it can have a huge impact. Public positioning on controversial issues or political decisions can lead to positive or negative reactions from consumers and the media. Some consumers may take a positive stance toward companies that advocate for social justice, while others may view these positions as polarizing or irrelevant.

A prominent example of the impact of public positioning on corporate decisions was popular actress Scarlett Johansson’s withdrawal from an advertising campaign for an Israeli effervescent company. Johansson has been criticized for her position of supporting the company’s political and economic interests instead of considering the impact on people and the environment.

When big names show their colors...
  • Positive for the image of the company
  • Negative for the image of the company
  • Ideology or political affiliation often determine image
  • Public figures can have a strong impact on the company
  • Consumers are often receptive to the company’s public positions.
When big names show their colors...

However, public positioning can also lead to companies being perceived as more committed and moral, setting them apart from the competition. The key is to choose a positioning that is aligned with the company’s values and the interests of its customers, and to identify with that choice in order to strengthen the company’s image and credibility.

Therefore, the impact of public positioning on companies can be significant and must be carefully weighed to strengthen the company’s image and credibility.


It is a fact that big names often shy away from uncomfortable issues. But when they do show their colors, it can have a strong signaling effect. Celebrities have an enormous reach and can use their public statement to help initiate social change.

However, not only empty words should be spoken in the process. It is important that the engagement is credible and authentic. Because otherwise it can quickly turn out to be just image politics and have the opposite effect.

It is therefore gratifying to see celebrities truly championing a cause and raising their voices. This can help to bring more attention to a social problem and help to find approaches to solving it.

  • Ultimately, however, it is not only celebrities who should take responsibility, but each and every one of us should make our contribution.
  • Whether by taking active action or calling attention to grievances, everyone can do something to spur positive change.

When big names show their colors, it can be an impetus to start a discussion. But we must not forget that we can all be part of the solution and should work together for a better future.

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