“Rights are more important than bread” – journalist irina mednikova in conversation

The role of freedom of the press and the responsibility of journalists are of great importance in today’s world. In an interview with the well-known journalist Irina Mednikova she talks about her experiences and opinions as a journalist. She emphasizes that rights and freedom are more important than food supply.
In the context of increasing restrictions on freedom and suppression of the media in many parts of the world, an open and critical press is crucial to maintaining a free society. Irina Mednikova has been an advocate for press freedom for many years and gives a first-hand account of the threats and risks journalists face.
The following article elaborates on Irina Mednikova’s views on various issues such as freedom of the press, the role of journalists, and the importance of rights and freedom. This also covers aspects such as the protection of whistleblowers and the ethical responsibility of journalists.

Who is Irina Mednikova?

Journalist Irina Mednikova is a well-known figure in the Russian Federation and has made a name for herself as a human rights activist and civil rights campaigner.

Her motto: “Rights are more important than bread” stands for her conviction that there must be basic rights in a society that are non-negotiable, even if this means that the economy is worse or there are restrictions on personal freedom.

Irina Mednikova was born in Moscow in 1957 and studied journalism at Moscow State University. She began her career as a journalist for the Kommersant daily newspaper and later wrote for various independent media in Russia.

In 1992, together with other journalists, she founded the human rights organization Memorial, which works to clarify and document crimes committed during the Stalin era, as well as to investigate human rights violations in Russia and other countries.

The meaning of “rights are more important than bread”

Journalist Irina Mednikova said in an interview: “Rights are more important than bread”. But what does she actually mean?

According to Mednikova, in a society it is not only important to have enough to eat, but also to be independent and to be able to make decisions freely. Only in this way can one lead a fulfilled and happy life. The freedom and rights of each individual would thus be above material prosperity.

Mednikova believes that often the right to freedom and equality is restricted in order to achieve other goals, such as economic growth or political stability. However, she is critical of this priority of material interests over individual freedoms and warns of the consequences of a society without freedom and rights.

  • So, in the end, the journalist is about:
  • the importance of freedom and rights for a fulfilled life
  • A critical look at the restrictions on individual freedoms
  • an appeal to the importance of freedom and rights in a functioning society

What Irina Mednikova criticizes about the current situation in Russia

Irina Mednikova, a renowned Russian journalist, has repeatedly criticized the current situation in Russia. She believes that political conditions in Russia are strongly characterized by the threatening presence of authoritarian governments.

Among other things, it has criticized the imprisonment of government critics and independent journalists. Mednikova finds that the right to freedom of expression is not sufficiently guaranteed in Russia and that the regime is deliberately targeting alternative voices.

In addition, she repeatedly expresses her outrage that government officials focus on distributing bread and other basic needs of the population instead of promoting democracy. Mednikova believes that the rights of society should be taken care of first, and that the desire for freedom and justice is the highest good.

  • Overall, Irina Mednikova criticizes the political culture in Russia, which is characterized by the suppression of freedom of expression and the neglect of civil rights.
  • She advocates political reforms and calls for greater citizen participation in the political process.
  • Furthermore, she pleads for the release of political prisoners and a stronger support of independent media.

How does the journalist Irina Mednikova see the problems in Russia and what solutions does she propose?

Journalist Irina Mednikova believes that the problems in Russia are closely related to democracy and human rights violations. She emphasizes that rights are more important than bread and that true democracy can only be achieved through an independent judiciary, freedom of the press and the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

To solve these problems in Russia, Mednikova suggests that civil society and the media have an important role to play. It is important to hear and support the voices of human rights activists and journalists, even if they are threatened by the government. Mednikova also stresses that there must be support from outside Russia, e.g. from the EU and the USA to put pressure on the government in Moscow.

Furthermore, Mednikova calls for a rethinking in Russian society regarding the attitude towards human rights. It is important that people understand that their rights and freedoms are important and that they must work to build a democratic society.

  • Independent judiciary and freedom of the press
  • Right to freedom of speech and assembly
  • Support from civil society and the media
  • Putting pressure on the government
  • a rethinking of Russian society

Mednikova’s proposals are ambitious, but they are necessary to solve the problems in Russia. It requires broader international cooperation and a change in the mindset and attitude of people in Russia.

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