Vacation Time In Vietnam

Vietnam is a picturesque mountain landscape, rice paddies, jungles, beaches, Buddhist pagodas and cities where traditional socialism and modern capitalist elements peacefully coexist. The capital of the country, Hanoi, cherishes the memory of the communist leader Ho Chi Minh: a marble mausoleum was erected in the city in honor of the politician. In the southern capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), you can learn about the history of the Vietnam War: museums invite tourists to immerse themselves in the military past of the country and visit the guerrilla tunnels of Kuchi.

Camping is very popular among Germans, especially in the summer months. More and more people in Germany are getting a taste for it and every year more and more people spend the night on campsites. But for many first-time campers, knowing the right equipment and packing wisely can be difficult.

How should you know what you need and what you can leave at home?? If you want to get the hang of this so that you can start an unforgettable camping vacation well prepared, you should take a look at the following camping packing lists.

Zanzibar, Tanzania Travel

To the offers ▼ Individual request ▼ I ndividual Zanzibar beach vacation – travel and safari , Zanzibar beach vacation with excellent service, hospitality and pampering, sports and entertainment in leading hotels in Zanzibar! The island has kept its originality until today and allows an authentic and unique insight into the multifaceted culture and the breathtaking landscape.

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The world is not as it was 1.5 years ago… and traveling? Not wanted. Understandable, because in the end one tries to master the uncontrolled spread of the virus. Travel is frowned upon. On the other hand, there is the creeping realization that we will probably have to learn to live with this new SARS virus, also to travel, and that there are branches of the economy, such as tourism and gastronomy in particular, which depend on this learning process starting quickly and proceeding successfully in order to survive.

As far as cable cars are concerned, we are usually rather too stingy to use them. In Dalat, however, it is worth the fun, because it is not expensive (70.000 dong per person for the round trip, just under 3 euros), the route is long and you have a wonderful view.

Cable_Car_Dalat_travel2eat (1) Cable_Car_Dalat_travel2eat (3) Cable_Car_Dalat_travel2eat (2)

When you think of Hilton hotels worldwide, you might think of reliable quality, professional service and business travelers. However, the term "warm hospitality" is not the first thing that comes to mind; after all, one usually associates it with an owner-managed hotel in Tyrol or on the island of Rugen – but not with a business hotel at an international airport: But it is precisely this warm hospitality that our author Friederike Hintze finds when she visits the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. An enthusiastic hotel review.

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Often I am on the way as an animal sitter, but even if I do not look after a cat, I seem to attract the cats almost magically – or is it the other way round?? At some point I started taking pictures of the cats I meet on my travels, hikes and walks. Just like with humans, some are more trusting and some are more aloof. Some act nice at first and then are quite beastly, others are shy at first and need a bit to thaw out. Some of them are street cats, others are outdoor cats, who return to their families in the evening and my favorite cat, who I meet several times a week, lives in a boat in Berlin Friedrichshain and gets her strokes from the passing pedestrians.

boat cat

The only Nepal guidebook you will ever need

Nepal, known as the birthplace of Buddhism, is a magical country full of culture and offers a lot of wild adventures. With this 10-, 14-, and 21-day guide, you'll explore the country's cities, food, and natural resources. This Nepal travel guide will lead you through this beautiful country.

Lately, I've been traveling more and more in my home region, not only to discover it for myself, but at the same time just to introduce it to you a little more closely. By the way, my home region is in northern Germany in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. One of these places, or rather one of these small towns in the region is the small Hanseatic town of Stade..

Relaxing trip to Stade – 1 day in the Hanseatic city

About Stade and the surrounding area (the Alte Land) I've already told you something here… I've taken you on a flower trip to the Alte Land at the Elbstrom or also presented the small Hanseatic towns (Buxtehude, Stade and Luneburg). But I think it's definitely time now to introduce you to the individual cities and also the people in these cities a little more closely. Because they absolutely deserve it… So come along on my little trip "A very special day in Stade".