Some love it, others hate it, but the nightlife in Kreuzberg with all its clubs, pubs and bars is as exciting as ever: Kreuzberg nights are long. Of course, the district where cobblestones used to fly, revolutions were planned and one pub followed the next has also changed over the years. Unfortunately, the gentrification has not made a bow around Kreuzberg. 36 is now almost like 61 and 61 like … Prenzlauer Berg, before it was completely redeveloped and the Swabians came? Anyway, we take you on a journey through the nightlife in Kreuzberg, from 36 and the clubs on the Spree to the bars and dance clubs on Kotti and Mehringdamm.

Lohmuhleninsel and around

Nightlife in Kreuzberg: The Lohmuhleninsel with its clubs and bars around it could be called the center of nightlife in Kreuzberg

The most fascinating way to live your life is to travel the world and recall memories from around the world. Travel magnifies human emotions and broadens perspective on life. If we think about a trip from West Palm Beach to Miami, we will cross one of the most beautiful paths of Florida, a coastal fantasy, rich in good food, warm weather and inviting beaches. This stretch of 72 miles of road between West Palm Beach and Miami offers an impressive view of? The Sunshine State ?. How far is Miami from West Palm Beach? Approximately 72 miles. Photo: Mayatl / Fotolia

West Palm Beach to Miami by cab

When I saw the impressive backdrop of Edinburgh's Old Town the 1. When I saw Edinburgh Castle for the first time in the movie Hallam Foe, it was clear "I have to go there". Unfortunately it took several years to finally get there! And what can I say? My dreams were exceeded by far! Edinburgh is since the 15. The city was the capital of Scotland in the 19th century and with almost 480.000 inhabitants the second largest city in Scotland. Since 1999 the center of Edinburgh belongs to the world cultural heritage. By the way, you can find many tips about Edinburgh at www.scotland guide.en.

At night

As it is appropriate for a visit to a city like Edinburgh, we stayed in a hotel, which is housed in a townhouse from the 1860s.

The best Peru travel guide

Things you can experience in Peru in 7, 10 & 14 days

Peru is a small but beautiful country and home to the majestic Amazon and the valleys of Machu Picchu. For centuries it has inspired and enchanted travelers, historians and adventurers. With this Peru travel guide you can experience the beautiful landscapes of this country in 7, 10 and 14 days.

It doesn't always have to be a camper van so you can sleep and live in your car. We have the 10 most important tips for your car outdoor experience.

Where to park?

Nestled on the largest island in the Florida Keys, Key Largo, Tarvernier is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place with a total of 2.173 residents, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

This community is a tropical paradise that attracts many people, especially in the summer, to enjoy its pristine waters.

It does not always have to be Vegas. If you're looking for an adventurous trip to the most amazing casino destinations in Europe, you're sure to find it in our top 5. Here they come: The most beautiful destinations for gambling in Europe.

There's no question about it: Las Vegas is the city that first comes to mind when you think of casinos and the like. thinks. The amount of luxurious casino hotels is overwhelming. Last but not least, iconic motion pictures like Oceans 11 have contributed to the eternal cult of Vegas. And so, year after year, thousands of gaming enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to the desert city in the U.S. state of Nevada. For good reason, Las Vegas is in our top 3 for gambling and travel.

Algarve, Portugal - Isabelle in front of the sea

My spring vacation this year took me to the Algarve in Portugal. A long-awaited destination, which should now finally be crossed off my travel list and discovered by me! The Algarve in March is unfortunately not yet a destination where you can count on summer, sun and sunshine. We were well aware of this and were still very excited about the many new impressions that awaited us.

Are you on the Big Island in Hawaii looking for a resort, then you should take a closer look at the Sheraton Kona. In Hawaii there are some hotels of the Starwood hotel chain. But this resort also has a special feature that is unique in terms of Kona. Also, this slightly older resort from the '70s is in good shape visually. Only the substance of the building is somewhat disadvantageous due to the thin walls and the brightness.

Entrance Sheraton Kona

There are many articles offering advice on how to travel on a budget, and many of them contain useful information.Some, however, can be pretty extreme, the "sell-everything-you-have-and-leave-the-house-for-three-years" kind of extreme.