How to turn any car into a perfect outdoor van

It doesn't always have to be a camper van so you can sleep and live in your car. We have the 10 most important tips for your car outdoor experience.

Where to park?

With the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and its all-wheel drive, nothing stands in the way of a romantic night on the town. Beforehand, you should find out whether your sleeping place is suitable for e.g. is located in a national park with a parking ban or whether it is in the country or. the region is allowed to stand wild. Helpful here is the app park4night.

1. Lying surface

The most important thing for a good night's sleep in the car is the sleeping surface. In most cars, after folding down the rear seat or the back seat. Rear seats not automatically a flat lying surface. Consequently, unevenness must be evened out with equipment material, bags and blankets. In the long term, this makes relatively little sense, so we recommend you cut a balancing plane out of an old mattress or other foam material.

In this case, the cargo area of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class represents the luxury variant: With a width of 1.20 m and a length of 1.50 m, which can be extended by folding out the tailgate, it almost has the dimensions of a hotel bed.

The cargo area of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has many functions: overnight it can be converted into a four-poster bed, while during the day it can be used to explore the trails and transport bicycles

2. Mattress and bed cover

The most space-saving and cozy are double-width inflatable underblankets. Almost every underlay mat manufacturer has such camper mats on offer these days Now the question of bedding still needs to be clarified. Whether sleeping bag or comforter cover – this depends on your preferences on the one hand and on the other hand on the temperatures at night.


3. Darkening

Thanks to the sunroof, you can watch the starry sky in the Mercedes pick-up right from your bed. Especially at night resp. but especially in the morning it is an advantage to have the windows darkened. If there is no suitable darkening for your car model, you can buy darkening foils (preferably those that also insulate) or fabrics and attach them to the car body with magnets.

4. Insect protection

If all doors and windows in the car are closed over night, it can get quite warm quite fast. With open windows it is much better to sleep, but then uninvited guests (insects) can disturb your sleep. The best thing to do is to mount a mosquito net on the doors and windows by means of magnets, so you can safely go to bed.


5. Cooking

Gas or petrol stove for your outdoor experience. Again – it does not always have to be the most expensive product. Even with a simple gas stove you can make excellent coffee and prepare extensive meals.

However, please note the following: In alpine terrain, the light could be misinterpreted and lead to a rescue mission you didn't want.

6. Coffee

The coffee tips for outdoors are manifold – as usual. Here you can find all important information and an overview. One thing has to be said though, there is probably nothing better than sitting on the tailgate of your pick-up at dawn and comfortably enjoying the sunrise with your coffee.


7. Tableware

Again, there are different philosophies – from the usual ceramic tableware from home, to foldable plastic tableware, stainless steel, coated or uncoated, etc. This also depends on the capacity of the place. What is in any case nice and useful, are the currently quite trendy enamel cups. They are light and unbreakable, available from different companies and with different designs and from red wine, to coffee, to cereal and ready-made pasta you can eat and drink pretty much everything out of them. Besides they are always a nice present!

Camping tableware: Soot and burnt-on food are simply part of it

8. Washing up and showering

In principle, you can wash your dishes without detergent and especially if you are out in the open, it makes it much easier to dispose of your "dishwater". Apart from the refreshing bath in a cold mountain lake, there are still further possibilities of the body hygiene in the wilderness to follow: so-called solar showers and/or. Water bags. This is nothing more than a black water bag that automatically heats the water in the sun.

9. Business in nature

Everything around the most important business of mankind in the free nature, you learn here.

10. Music

It has something, such a calm, starry sky. But if you are in the mood to accompany such an experience musically, then we have compiled the appropriate starry sky playlist for you here.

Tip: What you should still have with you for a little adventure in your outdoor car:

  • Lighter
  • Flashlight, candles or tea lights
  • Water
  • Coffee maker and coffee powder
  • Spices – preferably in small cans.
  • Cutlery
  • Dishes
  • Pocket knife
  • Outdoor blanket
  • Folding chairs or something similar to sit on
  • Suitable clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Anti-mosquito spray etc.

And here again the facts about the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class:

  • The new X-Class combines the typical characteristics of a pickup truck with the strengths of a genuine Mercedes-Benz
  • Easy to switch from rear-wheel drive to 4MATIC all-wheel drive (optional "low" all-wheel drive mode)
  • Off-road reduction and optional differential lock can be activated on the rear axle
  • Carrying capacity of 1.000 kg
  • Towing capacity of up to 3.500 kg
  • Ground clearance up to 222 mm
  • Lean angles of up to 49.8°
  • Cargo bed length of 158.7 cm
  • Sidewall height of 457 mm
  • Effortless parking and unparking thanks to 360° camera and PARKTRONIC
  • LED high performance headlights
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