Guest article: Traveling alone as a woman – the most important tips

Traveling alone as a woman? Of course. I'm Evelyn, I spent 7 months traveling around the world and would like to share my experiences with you. I'm a super spontaneous person and in keeping with the motto Young & Wild & Free, I set off on my world travel adventure with only hand luggage and without a plan. In the end there were 14 countries and a whole bunch of unique experiences and unforgettable experiences. I show you my world trip alone as a woman.

How did you come to travel alone as a woman?

There would be known problem, which you probably know too well. Friends have no time, no money or no desire. When I ask them about a vacation together, they think about it until the flight is already fully booked. In the beginning I traveled with strangers I met online. Sometimes it went well, sometimes not. We split up and experienced the trip more or less alone. How I discovered the benefits of traveling alone. No compromises, no discussions and free choices. It's not a bad thing that when I wake up early and throw all the pre-evening planning out the window, because I'm just way too spontaneous.

What was your best experience alone as a woman in the world?

There is not one perfect experience, which I would name as the best one. The whole trip was an unforgettable and unique experience. The enrichment of getting to know the different nations around the world with their warm and cosmopolitan nature alone is a lasting experience of a different kind. Just like the many many friendships I have made while traveling with people from all over the world. Not to forget the real adventures and experiences.

Snorkeling with whale sharks in the Philippines, climbing a volcano in Indonesia on my own, walking the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii once in a lifetime and riding the cable car of the locals over the breathtaking city of MedellIn in Colombia are just a few of them.

Do you have 3 tips you would like to give to women who also want to travel alone?

1. Tip – be confident

Don't let people around you ruin your plans. You are determined, have your plans in mind and share it with friends and family. But with each additional person you introduce, you get more doubts. I have been told many times: how do you imagine it?? Alone as a woman that will be nothing! BUT it will be something. Stand over it and hold on to your decision.

2. Tip – still do not lose your head

Go through your adventure confidently and with your eyes open – experience whatever you want to experience. Because yes – even alone as a woman everything is possible. But don't stop to think logically and always have a healthy portion of caution in mind. You don't have to push your luck after all.

3. Tip – be spontaneous

Travel without planning big. No plan = no expectation = no disappointment. Be ready to experience what the situation offers you and don't get stuck on what you have imagined before.

What are your plans for the future?

Right at the top is the point: Discover the world. I would like to see gorillas in the wild once in my life. In Germany I have the feeling of dying like a flower without water. Ideally, you can combine travel and work. But who knows what the future will bring. Every new step opens new doors and offers new possibilities. Furthermore, I am busy sharing all my experiences. I write down all my accumulated knowledge in great detail on my blog for women traveling alone and want to share all my tips and experiences with the community. Through deep, detailed insights and a lot of transparency, I try to take away uncertainties, encourage and inspire other globetrotters.

What do you think about JoinMyTrip??

When I was toying with the idea of traveling the world, I considered traveling with vacation partners. That's how I also ended up at JoinMyTrip. At the time, unfortunately, I didn't have a set itinerary to upload as a trip for like-minded travel partners to sign up for. Nevertheless, I am very convinced of the concept of JoinMyTrip. The website is a great way to find a travel partner with whom you harmonize.

As a TripLeader, you can easily post your thoughtful trips online for free and find like-minded travel partners. Small bonus – especially well planned trips get a small allowance, the TripLeader fee. I think that is really great!

Or maybe you don't have much travel experience yet, so as TripMates all doors are open for you to find an experienced TripLeader. The wide search function makes it super easy to search for travel partners by activity, country or location. If you don't have any idea when and where you want to travel, you can also just read through the want ads. If you are on the road as a tripmate, you will be shown in great detail what actually awaits you. Shared adventures and the well thought out plan of the tripleader is immediately apparent. As soon as you have found your dream trip, it's time to make contact. Easy by chat, introduce yourself and as soon as you are accepted the journey can start!

No matter which way you choose, JoinMyTrip offers 24/7 customer service to help you with all your questions and problems around the platform.

Will I in the future also take other people with me on my adventures?

If I find cool travel buddies who tick like me and want to discover the world with me, definitely! JoinMyTrip is a really good way to do this. If I should not meet these people nevertheless, I travel further alone. I travel alone as a woman, but I am never lonely. I always and everywhere meet many great people with whom I can experience common adventures. You probably know the saying: the world is small. For backpackers this is 100% true. It is not rare that I meet people by chance somewhere in the world that I met in a completely different country. It's a feeling like meeting old friends again, even though we don't actually know each other, and so it's off to the next adventure together.

If you now feel like discovering the world, either alone or with a cool travel group, check out our other articles. We are sure that you will find a lot of inspiration. And below you will find Evelyn's travel blog for even more experiences about traveling alone as a woman in the world!

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