The 5 most mysterious monoliths in the world

With the appearance of the mysterious monoliths, a wave has definitely broken loose, leaving humanity in wonder and horror at the same time.

“Come quickly, I drink stars”, Dom Pierre Perignon – the inventor of champagne – is said to have shouted when he tasted the very first of the noble sparkling wine. To this day, the fascination that the sparkling wine exudes remains unbroken: Champagne symbolizes an attitude to life and crowns special experiences. We present five exceptional hotels where champagne lovers will get their money’s worth.

1. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, France

The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa is located where French sparkling wine was born: in the heart of the Champagne region. It is the first contemporary five-star resort in the region and, thanks to its slightly elevated position, offers outstanding views over the vineyards from all rooms. In the immediate vicinity are the two towns of Champillon and Hautvillers. Both are famous for the champagne brand Dom Perignon. Guests there have the opportunity to take part in exclusive exploratory tours to the champagne houses and get to know the estates during private tastings with the champagne producers, during the grape harvest and on personal guided tours.