The "Hidalgo" is located in the beautiful vacation region of Lana,South Tyrol and is one of the most famous restaurants around Meran. The highlight: Here are not only Mediterranean specialties on the menu, but also some of the finest meats in the world. To really enjoy it, you should book one of the modern suites in addition to the table in the restaurant right away.

Otto Mattivi, operator of the Hidalgo Suites & Restaurant in South Tyrol, is a meat expert and wine connoisseur, barbecue king and lateral thinker, doer and connoisseur all in one person. Whoever puts himself in his hands will experience a truly extraordinary culinary journey..

I invite you to travel slowly in Italy. Stay in a farmhouse on a hill surrounded by olive trees, an apartment in a pretty medieval village, or a villa with a sea view.Live like a local. Meet your Italian neighbors, the baker, the butcher, the old ladies selling zucchini flowers at the market, the men playing cards at the bar.Walk, bike, learn Italian, pick up local habits like breakfast at the bar or siesta after a lazy lunch.Just go to the piazza and observe the Italian life.

Feel stuck in a hurry?

Love these bus tours as you visit 21 cities in 8 days?Travel from one tourist attraction to another with a long list of must-see places?Take a selfie at every corner and immediately post it on social media?Often feel like you need a vacation after your vacation because you end up feeling so tired and stressed out?Well, many of us travel this way.We often have stressful, busy lives, and when we finally go on vacation, the mad rush continues.But it does not have to be like this.I invite you to embrace the idea of slow travel, to travel better and more responsibly.Italy is certainly the best place to enjoy your first slow vacation.

For many, a honeymoon in the South Seas is the epitome of a dream vacation. It is the destination that awakens wishes and dreams. The honeymoon is special and if not now, when? That's what many tell themselves before they finally decide on the non plus ultra honeymoon trip to the other side of the world. And it really is the other side of the world. Depending on flight connections, it can take up to 40 hours to sip your Mai Tai on the beach.


Traveling by motorcycle is simply not like driving a car. On two wheels you adapt more to your surroundings; you feel the wind on your skin, the speed, the curves of the roads, etc… What better way to discover a new environment than this way??

Mallorca is made for motorcyclists! For those who like to look at landscapes through their helmet and just let themselves drift along the roads. In addition, the island offers the perfect climatic conditions to travel by motorcycle: Pleasant temperatures; lots of sun and little rain all year round. Both summer and winter are ideal for exploring Mallorca by motorcycle.

The most fascinating way to live your life is to travel the world and recall memories from around the world. Travel magnifies human emotions and broadens perspective on life. If we think about a trip from West Palm Beach to Miami, we will cross one of the most beautiful paths of Florida, a coastal fantasy, rich in good food, warm weather and inviting beaches. This stretch of 72 miles of road between West Palm Beach and Miami offers an impressive view of? The Sunshine State ?. How far is Miami from West Palm Beach? Approximately 72 miles. Photo: Mayatl / Fotolia

West Palm Beach to Miami by cab

Nestled on the largest island in the Florida Keys, Key Largo, Tarvernier is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place with a total of 2.173 residents, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

This community is a tropical paradise that attracts many people, especially in the summer, to enjoy its pristine waters.

Algarve, Portugal - Isabelle in front of the sea

My spring vacation this year took me to the Algarve in Portugal. A long-awaited destination, which should now finally be crossed off my travel list and discovered by me! The Algarve in March is unfortunately not yet a destination where you can count on summer, sun and sunshine. We were well aware of this and were still very excited about the many new impressions that awaited us.

Poorest Continents: Poverty rate by country

The poorest countries in the world are currently spread across three continents: The Americas, Africa and Asia. Poverty in underdeveloped countries is higher than in more developed countries. However, this does not mean that there is no inequality on each of the five continents, as we will see below.

For frequent travelers, the name Rocco Forte sounds like music to the ears. And for good reason: the small, fine group offers the finest hotel services. The Balmoral Edinburgh is no exception to the rule. Here you reside in Victorian splendor. Our chief author Frieda Hintze was there – and spent a night in the glamour of days gone by.

The Balmoral Edinburgh

The Katschberg – or also called Katschberghohe – is mainly known for the Katschberg tunnel and the large ski area. However, the municipality between Salzburg Land and Carinthia has a lot to offer in the summer as well. We were there ourselves for four days and explored the most beautiful mountain peaks, lakes and mountain huts in the Katschberg region. If you are also planning an active summer vacation in the Austrian mountains and summit selfies with breathtaking views should not be missed, then you should remember these hikes:

Family hike to Pritzhutte/ Ponyalm