Tan of Oz instead of solarium! Today I tell you why this is the better alternative and how I came to try a spray tan in the first place.

The days are getting shorter and the radiators are running on full blast. Winter is just around the corner and temperatures will soon drop into the minus range again. But the end of summertime by no means has to mean that you can't take a wonderful trip during the winter months as well. On the contrary! While your hands and feet are freezing in Germany and the shivering cold is making its way into the country, numerous sunny destinations are just waiting to pamper you with warm rays of sunshine and summer temperatures.

So don't pack your suitcase and sunscreen in the last corner just yet, get to know the most beautiful and extraordinary winter destinations.

The Federal Ministry of Finance published on 18. July 2019 a new version of the GoBD published. An administrative revolution. Because finally photographing receipts with smartphones is possible. The revised Principles for the Proper Keeping and Retention of Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access (GoBD) expressly allow paper documents to be archived only electronically.

Electronic document capture of paper documents

The best part is: employees can now perform image capture using various types of devices (smartphones, multifunction devices or scan streets). But in what way should they capture the photos? There are neither differences nor restrictions in the use of the mentioned devices. Accordingly, the capture can be done with scanner apps such as "Adobe Scan", "iScanner", "Scanbot" or "Office Lens". But also very easy with the regular photo function.

Before booking a package tour to Marsa Alam or El-Quseir there is usually a big challenge, which has already driven some convinced "online bookers" to the travel agency. Many will already be able to guess, because it is about direct flights to the airport Marsa Alam (RMF). If you want to spend your vacation in the south of Egypt, you have two possible destination airports for the journey, independent of the final destination. The bigger and better known airport is located in the busy tourist center of Hurghada. The second much smaller airport is located near the small coastal town of Marsa Alam, which is very popular with divers. The distance from Hurghada airport to the popular Gorgonia Beach Resort is 334km!! With a trip by bus and some stops at other hotels, the travel time can quickly amount to 5-6 hours. Instead, the distance from Marsa Alam airport is only 116km with an approximate travel time of 1.5-2 hours to Gorgonia Beach. So it is clear that a flight via Hurghada is not a very comfortable option. Since Marsa Alam as a tourist area is much smaller than Hurghada, however, there are significantly fewer flights there. Therefore, when searching for suitable travel offers to Marsa Alam, countless offers with flights to Hurghada and subsequent onward transportation by bus usually appear. Flights to Marsa Alam seem to be sometimes not available at all or only by rare lucky hit.

L 'San Blas Archipelago was our first 4-day stopover on our Panama tour. We were from the 27. to 30. December there and were thrilled!

The SAN BLAS Archipelago

After seeing photos on blogs, I dreamed of staying on these islands in an indigenous community. The archipelago of Guna Yala ou San Blas is an autonomous Indian territory in the Caribbean Sea of Panama. Guna Yala has more than 360 islands that stretch over 400 kilometers. In addition to the postcard landscapes, you can make contact in this archipelago and discover the culture Guna. With a tropical climate and a constant breeze, these islands are always sunny.