Tenancy delays: the sad experiences of homeowners who rent out their properties

The decision to rent out a property can be financially lucrative, but it can also have serious consequences. While many homeowners dream of the benefits of rental income and passive income, there are also numerous risks and challenges that make up the reality of being a landlord.

Whether it’s ungrateful tenants, unpaid rent, or costly repairs, renting out property can lead to rent delays if landlords are not on their toes and don’t have the knowledge and tools to fulfill their landlord responsibilities.

10 Years of lehman bankruptcy – steve eisman saw the flood coming

Am 15. September 2008, the bankruptcy of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers shook world markets and ushered in the global financial crisis. But there were also people who had foreseen the disaster in advance. One of them was hedge fund manager Steve Eisman.
Eisman realized that banks in the U.S. had taken enormous risks and that a collapse of the housing market was inevitable. He then successfully invested against the banks and made millions when the crisis finally erupted.
But who is Steve Eisman and how did he come to this realization? A brief review of his biography and methods of analysis can help us understand why he was among the few who foresaw the coming storm.

10 years of Lehman bankruptcy – Steve Eisman saw the flood coming

The Lehman bankruptcy in 2008 was a major blow to the global economy and triggered the biggest financial crisis since the 1930s. The effects were devastating and extended far beyond the financial industry.

The best way to prepare for a financial consultation

A financing consultation can be a complex matter that requires many decisions to be made. Especially in times of low interest rates and different credit conditions, choosing the right financial product is of great importance.

In order to be optimally prepared for a financing consultation, you should first and foremost be clear about your own financial circumstances. This involves your own income and expenses, existing loans, savings contracts or even assets.

Financing winter tires – look out for favorable interest rates!

The cold season is just around the corner and with it the time when winter tires are once again essential. But not everyone wants to pay for the new tires all at once. One option is to finance winter tires. But caution is advised here, because not all offers are favorable. It is worth comparing the various options and looking out for low interest rates.

Winter tires are an important part of road safety in the winter months. They provide more grip and better traction on snow and ice. But especially high-quality winter tires are often expensive and not everyone can or wants to spend this amount at once. Financing can help here. But before deciding on a deal, it’s important to carefully consider the different options available.

Unvarnished: the founders learned from these mistakes

Starting a business is often a difficult and rocky road, full of challenges and setbacks. But it is from these tough experiences that founders can learn valuable lessons. Mistakes are part of the startup process and are even necessary to be successful.

In this series of articles, we have collected some founder stories in which they speak unvarnishedly about their mistakes and show how they have learned from them. The point is not to glorify the mistakes, but to view them as valuable experience.

Is the northwestern mutual internship a pyramid scheme?

Northwestern Mutual is a U.S. company that provides financial services. It has an internship program for students to gain hands-on experience and become successful in selling insurance and investment products. The company claims that the program is a great opportunity for students to start their careers in the financial industry.

However, there are some concerns about whether or not the Northwestern Mutual internship is a Ponzi scheme. A pyramid scheme is a scam in which participants make money by recruiting new members rather than actually conducting a legitimate business activity.

Financing the rent deposit: options for tenants

The rent deposit represents a financial burden for many tenants in Germany. According to the law, it may amount to a maximum of three months’ rent, which can amount to several thousand euros, depending on the location and size of the apartment. Especially for young people or people with low incomes, the security deposit can be a hurdle when moving into your first own apartment.

However, there are several ways to finance the rent deposit and thus reduce the burden. One option is to take out a loan from the bank. In addition to the monthly rent payments, the tenant must also pay the installments for the loan. Another option is to pay the deposit into a rental deposit insurance policy, which takes over the payment of the deposit to the landlord.