At the latest in Portland every dry spell ends – that can be said with certainty. While a home-brewed "chilled blonde" or a glass of local wine are the favorites of the evening, a freshly brewed coffee or tea is welcome in the morning or afternoon.

There was a time when rain was the liquid most associated with Portland and Oregon. Taking advantage of this "liquid sunshine," residents now brew their own beer, brew fresh coffee and tea, and make inventive cocktails. In addition, the abundant rainfall helps tremendously with the cultivation of grapes, hops and barley.

But where to go on vacation in Spain if you want to have an unforgettable stay away from the typical vacation destinations and attractions? There are many possibilities, because the vacation in Spain is sweetened by many insider tips, which are rather rare in typical travel guides.

Where to find the cleanest city air in Europe? In Zurich!

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) measures air quality at regular intervals in 23 major European cities. Zurich has here the nose completely far in front. From intelligent energy supply systems to the expansion of the public transport network and modern waste recycling – Zurich is on its way to becoming a climate-neutral city.

2000-watt society – the solution for climate protection?
The city of Zurich is pursuing a committed goal in environmental protection: a 2000-watt society, in which energy consumption per person is to be reduced to 2000 watts annually without reducing the high quality of life.
In addition to private households, the economy must also contribute to this ambitious goal. More and more businesses are switching their supply to renewable energy sources. Like the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Zurich North, for example, they reduce CO2 emissions in this way. By the way: Since 2000, Zurich has carried the Energy City® label. In 2004 and 2012, the city received the "Gold" award.

For many, a honeymoon in the South Seas is the epitome of a dream vacation. It is the destination that awakens wishes and dreams. The honeymoon is special and if not now, when? That's what many tell themselves before they finally decide on the non plus ultra honeymoon trip to the other side of the world. And it really is the other side of the world. Depending on flight connections, it can take up to 40 hours to sip your Mai Tai on the beach.


Of course, the budget available for the honeymoon plays a role here. Honeymoons do not necessarily have to start directly after the wedding, depending on the destination, they can also take place in the appropriate season.

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If you want to discover one of the most beautiful wild places in France namely the Camargue, Here is my road trip with its itinerary detailed and the Google Map Circuit Map.

I had always told myself that it would be the day I decided to go to the Camargue caravan at my own pace and in total immersion to freely discover this wild nature with its pink flamingos, its sea birds, its white horses and its famous bulls.

Dog next to potty accident on the floor

Many adult rescue dogs have incomplete or no house training skills, and even dogs that have been potty trained in their previous homes sometimes need a refresher course if they don't walk regularly at the shelter.

The 5 most mysterious monoliths in the world

With the appearance of the mysterious monoliths, a wave has definitely broken loose, leaving humanity in wonder and horror at the same time.

The days are getting shorter and the radiators are running on full blast. Winter is just around the corner and temperatures will soon drop into the minus range again. But the end of summertime by no means has to mean that you can't take a wonderful trip during the winter months as well. On the contrary! While your hands and feet are freezing in Germany and the shivering cold is making its way into the country, numerous sunny destinations are just waiting to pamper you with warm rays of sunshine and summer temperatures.

So don't pack your suitcase and sunscreen in the last corner just yet, get to know the most beautiful and extraordinary winter destinations.

Traveling by motorcycle is simply not like driving a car. On two wheels you adapt more to your surroundings; you feel the wind on your skin, the speed, the curves of the roads, etc… What better way to discover a new environment than this way??

Mallorca is made for motorcyclists! For those who like to look at landscapes through their helmet and just let themselves drift along the roads. In addition, the island offers the perfect climatic conditions to travel by motorcycle: Pleasant temperatures; lots of sun and little rain all year round. Both summer and winter are ideal for exploring Mallorca by motorcycle.