The Palazzo Show in the Spiegelzelt is one of the fixed entertainment stars in Germany. We took a look at the dinner show in Stuttgart.

Advertisement, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution (my very personal experience report), which could well have a promotional effect, without my having been commissioned or having received a fee for it!

Today the parcel carrier brought me a parcel from Upper Lusatia, which I was very pleased about. Some time ago I was on a short trip to this region and spent two interesting days full of activities, enjoyment and experiences. Among other things I was allowed to become active in a pottery – the result is in the package mentioned at the beginning. I am already excited, today I will see it for the first time and hold it in my hands. Looking back on the days in Upper Lusatia, I can say: the region and also the hotel in Tautewalde are indeed a real insider’s tip.

Tan of Oz instead of solarium! Today I tell you why this is the better alternative and how I came to try a spray tan in the first place.

[Unpaid advertising] Bienvenidos! Welcome to VIVA MALLORCA!, my dear friends. How about a little time off in Mallorca without having to take extra vacation for it? If you are smart, just read on now. And take off afterwards..

Viewpoints in Santiago de Chile: Great view from Cerro San Cristobal

When I was in Santiago de Chile, I also visited one or the other viewpoint of the Chilean capital, because I like to look at cities and places and landscapes from above and I can't say no to a great view. Since Santiago de Chile is surrounded by many hills, and can now also call the highest building in Latin America its own, the city has some attractive viewpoints to offer. In my opinion, the following travel tips are the best viewpoints in Santiago de Chile.

Traveling alone as a woman? Of course. I'm Evelyn, I spent 7 months traveling around the world and would like to share my experiences with you. I'm a super spontaneous person and in keeping with the motto Young & Wild & Free, I set off on my world travel adventure with only hand luggage and without a plan. In the end there were 14 countries and a whole bunch of unique experiences and unforgettable experiences. I show you my world trip alone as a woman.

How did you come to travel alone as a woman?

There would be known problem, which you probably know too well. Friends have no time, no money or no desire. When I ask them about a vacation together, they think about it until the flight is already fully booked. In the beginning I traveled with strangers I met online. Sometimes it went well, sometimes not. We split up and experienced the trip more or less alone. How I discovered the benefits of traveling alone. No compromises, no discussions and free choices. It's not a bad thing that when I wake up early and throw all the pre-evening planning out the window, because I'm just way too spontaneous.

Alaska, a beautiful and scenic state, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The pristine beaches are perfect for family fun as you enjoy activities together like fishing, boating, kayaking, surfing and more.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States.Located on Lake Michigan in Illinois, the "Windy City" is famous for its bold architecture, world-famous museums and classic American cuisine.A weekend in Chicago will keep you busy, active and satiated!.

Chicago is home to some of the most famous and tallest buildings in the world!In fact, Chicago is the birthplace of the modern skyscraper, making it a must-see for any budding architect!

The "Hidalgo" is located in the beautiful vacation region of Lana,South Tyrol and is one of the most famous restaurants around Meran. The highlight: Here are not only Mediterranean specialties on the menu, but also some of the finest meats in the world. To really enjoy it, you should book one of the modern suites in addition to the table in the restaurant right away.

Otto Mattivi, operator of the Hidalgo Suites & Restaurant in South Tyrol, is a meat expert and wine connoisseur, barbecue king and lateral thinker, doer and connoisseur all in one person. Whoever puts himself in his hands will experience a truly extraordinary culinary journey..

I invite you to travel slowly in Italy. Stay in a farmhouse on a hill surrounded by olive trees, an apartment in a pretty medieval village, or a villa with a sea view.Live like a local. Meet your Italian neighbors, the baker, the butcher, the old ladies selling zucchini flowers at the market, the men playing cards at the bar.Walk, bike, learn Italian, pick up local habits like breakfast at the bar or siesta after a lazy lunch.Just go to the piazza and observe the Italian life.

Feel stuck in a hurry?

Love these bus tours as you visit 21 cities in 8 days?Travel from one tourist attraction to another with a long list of must-see places?Take a selfie at every corner and immediately post it on social media?Often feel like you need a vacation after your vacation because you end up feeling so tired and stressed out?Well, many of us travel this way.We often have stressful, busy lives, and when we finally go on vacation, the mad rush continues.But it does not have to be like this.I invite you to embrace the idea of slow travel, to travel better and more responsibly.Italy is certainly the best place to enjoy your first slow vacation.