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Step by Step Process

Contact us Login: Fill the request for quote form. We will require detailed information to understand your exact needs (please refer to inquiry form)

Authorization Release Form: On receiving duly filled authorization form, we will collect detailed information on your medical history including reports, previous consultation notes etc. to assess your current health status. We will require additional information on your special requirements.

Identification of best suitable hospital\ wellness center: Once having detailed information on your medical history and specific requirement, we will conduct exhaustive research from our side and will identify the best suited hospital\wellness center and doctor. (refer to our selection criteria - how we select doctors & hospitals). We will get back to you with the suggestions/recommendations and decide on how to proceed further in consultation with you.

Estimated Quotation: On receiving the approval from you, we will send customized package and give you approximate quotation depending upon your specific requirement, expectation and budget Online

Online Consultation* (optional): Once we finalize the hospital for you, we will fix an appointment and arrange for an online consultation with the selected surgeon/therapist. You will require to pay $XX (ask expert Hyperlink).

Closing the Deal: Once we provide you with the complete package details including cost of surgery, traveling arrangements, after getting confirmation from you, we would require you to make an advance payment (see payment terms) and complete other formalities.

Fix date for procedure\ treatment: We will coordinate with the hospital and fix an appointment with specialist and date for specific surgeries\therapies, pre operative test and post operative preparation on the basis of your arrival dates.

Arrival date Confirmation and Arrangements: On getting the confirmation of your arrival dates, we can make arrangements to receive you at the destined airport, (railway station or bus depot for local patient) and travel to the hotel\hospital\ center. We ensure you a smooth check-in process, since all the arrangements would have been done well in advance, taking care of your food habits and likings.

Follow up and feedback: We follow-up your health condition, rehabilitation process and can arrange consultation you’re your treating specialist on requirement. Lastly, we would like to have your feedback


We guarantee great care and peace of mind throughout our service.

Our services

Arrangement for lodging: Based on your specific requirement as stated in inquiry form, we will provide you with the options on details of accommodation in the event of pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization in case of surgical procedures.

Travel Arrangements: We can help you with the air ticketing and other requirements on your arrival in India. Considering the recovery period and the approximate traveling period, we will suggest you the dates for your return back to home country / town and make travel arrangements for the same (see form)

Help to pass through the treatment procedure on set date: We travel you from hotel to hospital or to medical centers (wellness center) on the set date for the surgery\ treatment. We help you pass through the surgical procedure process\ treatment and related requirements.

Enjoying recovery period and traveling tourist destination: The recovery period and traveling options greatly depends on the type of procedure. Depending on your likings, we can make all arrangement for your traveling, lodging and visiting tourist places of Gujarat.

Returning home safely: We will facilitate and make arrangements required for a smooth, hassle-free return trip to your home country\town. We will provide drop services to the airport (railway station\ bus stop) and ensure that you are on your way back home, safe.

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Health Tips

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