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Sunday, 25 March 2012 13:05

How to conserve Nutrients while cooking food -Tips

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  • Wash vegetables before cutting them to preserve minerals and vitamins
  • Avoid unnecessarily and excessive washing of food items
  • Vegetables should be peel very thinly as vitamins and minerals are stored just under the skin.
  • Cut vegetables in to large pieces just before cooking. Cutting vegetables in a very small pieces leads to more loss of nutrients.
  • Use just enough water to boil vegetables, do not throw away the extra water, it can be used in cooking other food items.
  • Avoid using cooking soda. Use of Lemon or tamarind juice helps to conserve the vitamins.
  • Cook food in a pan with well fitted lid. When you cook in an uncovered pan most nutrients are lost during cooking such way
  • Do not overcook food as many nutrients may be destroyed.
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