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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 11:03

Lifestyle modification for elderly, suffering from diabetes, thyroid and prostate enlargement

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I am Patient of diabetes since 30 yrs,Thyroid, and Prostate enlargement.Regullar medicines taken.Pl.suggest how I should act  to control all these" Thanks.

Ans: Hello,

  • With medication you can improve your quality life with certain lifestyle modification. Here are few suggestions.
  • Regular visit to physician, endocrinologist and urologist also, time to time blood test to know the blood sugar and thyroid level.
  • Regular walking for 30-35 minutes or as per advised by the physician
  • For diabetes Diet restriction is necessary I assume you must have consulted dietician for the same and following the instruction meticulously, If not you can consult our dietician.
  • Do yogasana regularly, you can join yoga class near to your place. Yoga will definitely help you to keep yourself fit and Healthy
  • You can also join laughing club.(laughing therapy). Laughter is best medicine for heart…and will also help in managing day to day stress. 
  • Consult Homeopath doctor for prostate enlargement.  Homoeopathy does help in controlling some of the symptoms of prostate enlargement. you can take both allopathy and homoeopathic medicine together. 
  • Keep yourself busy in any creative Hobby or any mental activity to avoid dementia. you can also volunteer to some NGO or senior citizen association.
  • Balance diet, moderate exercise and effective tackling of stress would help you to control the further progress of disease, with improved quality life.

    The above mention suggestions are general and are advised on the base of available information. If you wish you to have guidance on specific health conditions kindly provide the details.

    Feel free to contact us if you have further queries or want to consult complementary therapist. If you are satisfied with the answer kindly share experience with your friends and family.


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