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Monday, 29 August 2011 10:06

Ayurvedic medicine to prevent obesity

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Is there any ayurvedic medicine to prevent obesity?

Ans. Hello,   I think you want to know about   availability of any ayurvedic medicine for prevention of obesity.

There are many causative factors that lead to obesity or excessive weight gain including faulty  dietary habits & lifestyle, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition  or certain medical conditions such as thyroid imbalance, digestive disorders etc.  To treat obesity or control weight gain,  we need to know  about the  causative factor and accordingly any alternative medicine can be taken   to treat it.

However, proper   diet and regular exercise plays major role in controlling weight gain. It is mandatory for everyone to have healthy nutritious diet in order to maintain health and weight. You can avail our online diet consultation service for dietary guidance.  Our silver package starts with rs. 600 only, under which our diet expert  will guide you about which food substance should include in your diet in proper quantity and  the ideal time of eating it. They will   also help you to prepare proper diet plan for you on the base of the information provided by you.

Many commercial products   are available in the market claiming as the ideal solution for weight reduction.  However, we would advice to consume such products after consulting to your physician or can have online consultation with our panel expert Ayurvedic-  Dr. Dinesh Pandya. You can know more about him by visiting our  panel expert- ayurvedic consultant.

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