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Thursday, 04 August 2011 09:33

Sixth toe removal

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   HI,  I am Shankar, 23 years old, and a sportsman. I have an extra (6th) toe in my leg (right)I want to remove it by surgery. How much time it will take, and can it be done at one of your affiliated hospital.

Ans. Hello, The presence of extra fingers or toes is known as Polydactyly, normally additional finger or toe removal surgery is done in childhood  when the child is between the age of one -two years. Your extra toe can be removed by surgery.  yes, the surgery can be done at our affiliated hospital safely and the type and time required for the  surgery is depended on the form of  polydactyly you have. You can consult with our panel expert- orthopedic surgeon who will  provide you the additional information regarding the surgery.

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  • Comment Link Dr. Priti Thursday, 04 August 2011 09:44 posted by Dr. Priti

    hi, why you want to remove it. even the great super star Rhitik roshan has 6th finger and you have 6th toe. it may be your lucky charm

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