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Monday, 06 May 2013 21:48

Use of Henna for excessive hair fall

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I receive excess hair fall and dandruff. My hair colour is day-to-day fading away. Is applying hena to my hair good? suggest me a way out of it?

Hello,  Applying henna for enhancing hair shining is proven formula. However, proper conditioning of hair should be done post henna as Henna can cause dryness of hair which in long turn can make your hair look dull, also henna can change the colour of your hairs.

Henna application is good for grey coverage of hair( if white hair are not much).

Here I would suggest you to read these articles on Setuhealthcare, which I think will answer to your queries.

Saturday, 04 May 2013 08:46

How to gain weight?

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Can you tell me what type of meal, food should be eaten to gain weight?

Ans: Hello,Weight Gain and Weight reduction both  depend on your food habits, exercise, underlying disease and most importantly BMI - Basal Metabolic index. The diet planning to gain weight should be based on your lifestyle, type of work, BMI, geographical location and specific food likings. In general the expert advises to have lots of protein rich, diet with appropriate fibre. with that you need to work out to build your muscles.

I am Patient of diabetes since 30 yrs,Thyroid, and Prostate enlargement.Regullar medicines taken.Pl.suggest how I should act  to control all these" Thanks.

Ans: Hello,

  • With medication you can improve your quality life with certain lifestyle modification. Here are few suggestions.
  • Regular visit to physician, endocrinologist and urologist also, time to time blood test to know the blood sugar and thyroid level.
  • Regular walking for 30-35 minutes or as per advised by the physician
Monday, 26 November 2012 10:39

Difference between p-Dexa Bmd Machine & Ultra Bmd Machine

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What is the different between p-Dexa Bmd Machine & Ultra Bmd Machine for understanding patient point of view ?

Ans: The Ultra Bmd machine is like ultrasonography machine that is used to detect the bone density mainly in case of diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Here sound waves are used to know the bone condition,  where as in case of P dexa - x ray are used to determine the bone density. 

Monday, 26 November 2012 10:21

Essential tremor or Parkinsonism!

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Dear Doctor,

For the last three months I have tremors in the thumb of my left foot. It disappears during sleep and when I am calmly reading a book. It increases when I am writing something, cutting fruit, selecting something to purchase from a shop, using keyboard, talking emotionally etc. Only thumb of left foot is trembles even if I am writing with hand.

Other, perhaps, related things I notice is the weaker grip of my left foot thumb and connected finger compared to right foot if I try to hold anything with them. I also have cramps in my left foot and calf. I also feel reduced sensation or a different sensation in both feet not exactly numbness or tingling. Sometimes I wake up at night and feel like stretching arms, legs, and entire body which gives me relief but does not satisfy my feeling and body wants me to keep stretching.

Friday, 23 November 2012 14:31

Scaphoid fracture

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I got minor scaphoid fracture, for how many days do I need to keep plaster? 

Ans: Hello,
Although scaphoid fracture,i.e. fracture of one of the wrist bone is minor, it may take long time to heal. The healing time depends on the site of fracture; it may be for as long as 6 months. Your treating orthopaedic doctor can suggest you the exact time for the cast or splint to be worn on the base of the x-ray or MRI findings. However,  During this period of healing, unless approved by your doctor:

Saturday, 21 January 2012 11:50

Do I need to apply sunscreen in winter months?

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Do I need to apply sunscreen in winter months?

Yes, sunscreen protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Though the UV radiation in winter is not as intense as in the summer, constant exposure to them can harm your skin. There is no safe time of year; you need to apply the sunscreen, as long you are exposed to sun rays throughout the year.
Winter is time for skiing, snowboarding or sledding to burn calories, ice skating or playing in the snow. However, all this winter activity calls for extra sun protection. The indirect or reflected rays from snow, sand, water or building add to the amount of UV exposure and can harm our skin. 

Saturday, 07 January 2012 18:38

Information about Liposuction

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One of my friends wants to go for Liposuction at India, can you share more information about the procedure and What Pre-Preparation should be done?

Ans: Hello,

Liposuction is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery characterized by suction of excessive body fat deposited on various parts of the body and gives contour and re-shape the body. It is not a weight reduction technique and not aimed at replacing diet.It is a specialized procedure carried out mostly by a plastic surgeon with the help of special surgical instrument. read more about  the preparation , risk and compliations etc. at LIPOSUCTION (Healthzone- common procedure).  

Saturday, 07 January 2012 15:21

How Bone Density test are performed?

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What is bone density test? Do they inject some dyes or give injection? 

Ans: Bone density test is simple x-ray test that is performed to asses the mineralization of your bones. No need to inject any dye or give injections prior to test. It is painless test and advised mostly to people suspecting for osteoarthritis. read more about BONE DENSITY TEST here

Bone Density Test-


Monday, 12 December 2011 12:19

Dystonia Medication

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My son age 1 yr 8 months has dystonea,h/o premature birth,(at 7 month) he is on physiotherapy.does he require any medicines?

Ans: Hello,

Dystonia, a neuro-mascular disorder  (from Greek, meaning altered muscle tone) is usually defined as "a syndrome of sustained muscle contractions, frequently causing twisting and repetitive movements, or abnormal postures." (Fahn et. al., 1987). The movements are usually slow and sustained, and they often occur in a repetitive and patterned manner; however, they can be unpredictable and fluctuate. The frequent abnormal posturing and twisting can be painful and functionally disabling.

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