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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:18

New goggles that soothes dry eyes in 12 minutes

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dry eyegogglesA new 12-minute treatment in the doctor’s office could help relieve the problem of chronically dry eyes. The procedure uses special goggles to gently warm and squeeze tiny glands in the eyelids, which help to keep the eye lubricated, reports daily mail.

Dry eye  is a common problem now a days, millions of people are suffering from it and in some cases it could be a reason of your headache. Basically Dry eye means lack of fluid (meibum), which keeps eyes moisten and clean every time when we blink. It can also affect people who wear contact lenses; this is because the lens reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the eye surface.

Constant monitoring on computer or watching TV commonly aggravates the condition.  If ignored for longer duration can cause permanent damage to front of eye reports daily mail.
The main treatment involves using of eye drops to lubricate eye and frequent blinking. Studies support that diet rich in omega -3 fatty acids can help.

The new device, the LipiFlow system, which was launched in the U.S. around six months ago, works by warming and compressing the eyelids to clear the meibomian glands and improve flow. 

It consists of a soft plastic cup that sits over the eyeball, under the eyelids. The back of this cup has a small heated plate on it that presses against the eyelids.

A second cup then sits over the eyelids. The inner cup starts to heat up, melting the fat in the meibominan glands.
The outer cup has two tiny paddles that gently put pressure on the eyelids every two minutes, which helps to squeeze out the abnormal thickened secretions from the gland.

The device is heated to 42c for 12 minutes and studies suggest that once the glands have been cleared, they start to produce normal fluid.

A study of 139 patients, published in the journal Cornea, showed that after four weeks patients who had been treated with the device had more healthy secretions from their glands when compared with patients who used a warm compress. 

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