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Wednesday, 06 June 2012 17:24

Motherhood turns women into compulsive Facebook followers- study

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According to a survey conducted at Ohio State University, US, the use of the social networking site increases after childbirth in women.

facebookThe survey findings suggest some interesting data about the use of social media specially after motherhood. This shows the impact of social media in our routine life and how we are becominng dependant of them. No wonder, if in coming future people may develop facebook dependant disorder  or facebook withdrawal symptoms. Here are interesting findings of the study as published in The telegraph.
The survey found that almost half (44 per cent) of mothers said they used Facebook more after giving birth than before. Some 29 per cent said it stayed the same and 27 per cent said it decreased.

By contrast when men become fathers their use of Facebook tends to stay the same.

Researchers also discovered that women who were more stressed used Facebook more, perhaps because they were turning to their online network of friends for support.
Their study, of 154 mothers and 150 fathers, found more than nine out of 10 mothers (93 per cent) used the site to post pictures of their children. Among fathers the figure was not quite as high, although 83 per cent still used it to do so.

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, associate professor of human development, said: “Given all the stress that new parents are under and everything they have to manage, it wouldn't have been surprising if we had found a decrease in Facebook usage - but that's not what we found.”

Mitchell Bartholomew, lead author of the study, published in the journalFamily Relations, a graduate student in human development and family science, added: “These mothers may be taking time off from work, and may be far from family, so this network they created for themselves on Facebook can be very valuable in helping them cope.”

Among men, 31 per cent said their use of Facebook had increased since becoming fathers, 51 per cent said it had stayed the same and 19 per cent said it had decreased.

Mothers were also more likely to visit the site daily, with 48 per cent doing so, compared with 44 per cent of fathers.

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