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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 11:50

Does socioeconomic level of a person affect Health status?

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Findings of a pioneer study conducted at University of Granada Spain, suggest that Marriage and a high socioeconomic level improve health.

Do you agree that being married can improve your health status or being in high socioeconomic level can influence your health? 
People with a high socioeconomic level have been demonstrated to have better health than the rest of people. Other protective factors against chronic diseases are having higher education, having a job, and the per capita income and welfare in the region of residence-concluded the study researchers from the University of Granada. - Medical Express.

The study as claimed by researcher is  a pioneer comparative study held in Spain on the relationship between individual income, income inequalities, regional and social factors, and health status in people in Spain. This is also the first study to examine how the social environment affects an individual's health status and to analyze the distribution of temporary/permanent disability pensions according to socioeconomic and geographic factors- says researchers.

The finding of the study also suggest that  socioeconomic inequalities have potential long term effects on the health of the population at regional level, and the relevance of family when it comes to assess how social inequalities affect population's health.

The authors of this study affirm that the results obtained "are relevant for the design of policies aimed at reducing health inequalities in Spain. The association between health status and the geographical (Autonomous Community, province, city, district) and family environment is very innovative, as well as the association between health status and income and social inequalities. "

Researchers Kristina Karlsdotter, at the Department of Applied Economics, and supervised by professors José Jesús Martín Martín and María del Puerto López del Amo González  carry out this study.
To understand the effect of socioeconomic status on health  the researchers used data from two surveys conducted in Spain: the 2007 Survey on Living Conditions, performed by the Spanish National Statistics Institute, and the 2001 Longitudinal Database of the Andalusian Population conducted by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia and the Spanish National Research Council.

Suggest -The Higher the Income, the Better the Health
University of Granada researchers have found that the individual income of a person "is positively associated with a good health status". Additionally, education level is statistically associated with health status: the higher the education level, the better the health of the individual according to several health variables: perceived health status –the perception that an individual has on his/her own health status– presence of chronic diseases, and the risk of been granted a temporary/permanent disability pension.

This study reveals the influence of family environment on an individual's health status. Thus, over 30% of variations in an individual's health status are caused by their family environment.

Social relationships are another protective factor against disease, but only in women.

Marriage: A powerful Heart drug!!

News source: Medical Express-
More information: Karlsdotter, K; Martín Martín, JJ; López del Amo González, MP (2012). Multilevel analysis of income, income inequalities and health in Spain. Social Science and Medicine. 2012. … .2011.12.020

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  • Comment Link Rashmi Friday, 13 April 2012 11:41 posted by Rashmi

    Absolutely- higher socioeconomic status also means better awareness of what health means and how to achieve it,along with the ability to pay for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Comment Link Dr.Indira Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:52 posted by Dr.Indira

    Yes,socioeconomic status make the difference.Higher the education,higher income lead to better health.

  • Comment Link Krystina Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:49 posted by Krystina

    Education goes hand-in-hand with a higher socioeconomic level too. I'm sure the average poor person feels victimized most of the time, fearful of the future, and powerless.

  • Comment Link Ragin Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:47 posted by Ragin

    I absolutely agree with this study. I see it on a regular basis as a volunteer.

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