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Friday, 24 February 2012 12:48

Girls are better than Boys at Arithmetic due to their Verbal Skills!!

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Girls' verbal skills make them better at arithmetic-study

 While boys generally do better than girls in science and math, some studies have found that girls do better in arithmetic. A new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that the advantage comes from girls’ superior verbal skills- reports science daily.

“People have always thought that males’ advantage is in maths and spatial skills, and girls’ advantage is in language, However, some parents and teachers in China say girls do arithmetic better than boys in primary school.”” says Xinlin Zhou of Beijing Normal University, who cowrote the study with Wei Wei, Hao Lu, Hui Zhao, and Qi Dong of Beijing Normal University and Chuansheng Chen of the University of California-Irvine

Zhou and his colleagues selected 12 priamary schools in and around Beijing, China and perform series of test children ages 8 to 11.
On analysis of data they found that girls outperformed boys in many math skills. Girls better performed in tasks like simple substration and complex multiplications suggesting a strong hold on arithmetic, in compare to boys. Not only that, girls were   also better at numerosity comparison and outperformed boys at quickly recognizing the larger of two numbers and at completing a series of numbers (like “2 4 6 8”).
Boys performed better at mentally rotating three-dimensional images.

Zhou and his colleagues noted that Girls were also better at judging whether two words rhymed- this is the  key to their better math performance- suggest the researchers. Further they explain, “Arithmetic and even advanced math needs verbal processing, Counting is verbal; the multiplication table is memorized verbally, and when people are doing multiple-digit calculations, they hold the intermediate results in their memory as words.

“Better language skills could lead to more efficient verbal processing in arithmetic,” Zhou says. He thinks it might be possible to use these results to help both boys and girls learn math better. Boys could use more help with verbal strategies for learning math terms, while girls might benefit from more practice with spatial skills.

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