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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 15:16

‘Does the Heart fall in LOVE, or the Brain?’

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Falling in love 'takes a fifth of a second and is like taking cocaine'- study findings.
love-at-first-sightApproaching Valentine’s Day had filled the air with -Love.  It seems, as if everybody is marketing and selling their products by combining the theme of LOVE… that makes me to wonder -‘Does the heart fall in love, or the brain?’
While browsing news source found the interesting news story as below,
Falling in love takes a fifth of a second and produces the same high as taking cocaine – suggest the study findings  published in Science daily.
Love at first sight really is possible because it takes just milliseconds for euphoria-inducing chemicals to flood the brain after setting eyes on the right person, researchers believe.

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Researchers of Syracuse University in New York had found that the first flush of love stimulates 12 different parts of the brain to start releasing “feel-good” chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopression. The love feeling also affects sophisticated cognitive functions, such as mental representation, metaphors and body image.
 The same chemicals are triggered by a dose of cocaine – meaning that the feeling of falling in love is similar to that induced by taking the Class-A drug – claims the scientist.

The study also showed that different kinds of love affect different parts of the brain. Unconditional love - such as that between a mother and a child – is triggered by the common and different brain areas, including the middle of the brain.
Passionate love is sparked by the reward part of the brain, and also associative cognitive brain areas that have higher-order cognitive functions, such as body image.

The researchers believed that findings of the studies and understanding about why people fall in love and why they are so heartbroken- would help to develop the new therapies. By identifying the parts of the brain stimulated by love, doctors and therapists can better understand the pains of love-sick patients.

Researcher’s view
Professor Stephanie Ortigue an assistant professor of psychology and an adjunct assistant professor of neurology, both in The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, who led the research, said: “These findings confirm love has a scientific basis. But they beg the question: ‘Does the heart fall in love, or the brain?’

“I would say the brain, but the heart is also related because the complex concept of love is formed by both bottom-up and top-down processes from the brain to the heart and vice versa.” said ortigue.
She also added that ‘Other researchers also found blood levels of nerve growth factor, or NGF, also increased. Those levels were significantly higher in couples who had just fallen in love. This molecule involved plays an important role in the social chemistry of humans, or the phenomenon 'love at first sight.' "These results confirm love has a scientific basis’.
For instance, activation in some parts of the brain can generate stimulations to the heart, butterflies in the stomach. Some symptoms we sometimes feel as a manifestation of the heart may sometimes be coming from the brain."- explains professor
The findings have major implications for neuroscience and mental health research because when love doesn't work out, it can be a significant cause of emotional stress and depression. "It's another probe into the brain and into the mind of a patient," says Ortigue.

Ortigue and her team worked with a team from West Virginia University and a university hospital in Switzerland. The results of the study are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 
Ortigue worked on the love study with colleagues Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli (Geneva University Psychiatric Center, Switzerland), James Lewis (West Virginia University), Nisa Patel (graduate student in SU's College of Arts and Sciences) and Chris Frum (West Virginia University). Ortigue's follow-up study about the speed of love in the human brain is expected to be released soon.

Tell us, what you think-‘Does the Heart fall in LOVE, or the Brain?’

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  • Comment Link JC   GAMBLE Tuesday, 21 February 2012 23:35 posted by JC GAMBLE

    I say both the heart and the brian, The heart,; the seat and center of all emotions yearns for love, psychologically , and physically, and the Brain is the house of the mind and intellect and in my experience attractions is of course what Is seen with the physical eyes and also the third eye, that which Is invisioned and also what Is desire in the heart, the need for family, love and relationship. The type of love given and received between a female and a male. Building and Establishing together growing together.
    The heart has to be stedfeast in the feild of love , because the mind is at times deterred by certain situations and circumstances.
    How ever the heart don't lie, but because of the natural act of our brains to protect one's self and to either be in fight or flight mode,the brain allows the mind to play games on you in making correct decisions or not so correct decisions , however the heart knows and it don't lie,; and there is at times a struggle within,; one internally due to the battling of the The two or three. The heart , the brain,; and the Chemical reaction in the brain that effects the mind and actions of the individual .

  • Comment Link Bonnie Monday, 13 February 2012 09:14 posted by Bonnie

    In Oriental Medicine the heart and the brain are inextricably linked, therefore, the heart and the brain fall in love equally. When there is a balance between the two all is fine. When there is disharmony, well, we see results of that within ourselves and all around us

  • Comment Link Olivia Orona Thursday, 09 February 2012 05:30 posted by Olivia Orona

    My philosophy is the heart falls in love and the brain is the mistress that never seems to be satisfied. Most of us who have that beautiful characteristic called emotion are followers of the heart. In many instances my heart leads me to unfavorable conditions and situations. The outcome is my brain telling my heart "I told you so but nooooo, you just couldn't listen." My heart will respond by saying to my brain well I had no ears at the time because when I'm in love I see no evil, I here no evil, and all you do i speak about the evils of love." Back to reality and factuality. The heart is a muscle that powers the rest of my being but it does not need the brain to function. The brain however does need the heart. My conclusion is that the heart will always overpower the brain because it is of strength and endurance. My heart is embraced by my soul which is something no brain on this earth will ever be able to comprehend, study or manipulate. These two powers combined will defeat all bad memories and mask any pain that our brains had to endure and transmit to the heart. The brain is what make the heart feel those blasting pumps of penetrating hurt that comes from hurtful words and suffering sabotage. Poetic Justice!

  • Comment Link lauren Wednesday, 08 February 2012 12:17 posted by lauren

    Brain or Heart what does it matter - it still happens!! What people need to understand whether it is brain or heart is that when life throws a curve ball you need a relationship that will weather the storm.

  • Comment Link Maggie Tuesday, 07 February 2012 22:23 posted by Maggie

    The brain first. In my opinion, we like what we see first then after some time and exposure the heart connects. If we would learn to use the heart to heart connection first , perhaps more s would still be alive. Loving someone takes effort and hard work. If all things worthwhile were easy, well..... Loving yourself completely first and knowing what you do not want out of a relationship is a good start. And this is only an opinion: Being confident is very sexy...

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