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Friday, 03 February 2012 09:59

It’s Time to Regulate Sugar Like Alcohol and Tobacco- suggest the researcher

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Sweet sugar -'A little is not a problem but a lot kills - slowly'… Sugar is toxic and its sale should be tightly regulated as cigarettes and alcohol says researchers from the university of California, San Francisco

sugarWhy sugar should be regulated?
Sugar 'contributes to 35m deaths a year' worldwide warns the scientist, they also added that sugary food and drinks are main culprit for illness such as obesity, heartdisease, cancer and liver disorders. Considering the danger from sweet sugar, it should be controlled through taxation and legislation.
"We are now seeing the toxic downside of excess sugar intake," sugar has the potential for abuse and “it acts on the brain to encourage subsequent intake."said Robert H. Lustig, MD, a professor of clinical pediatrics at the UCSF Center for Obesity Assessment, Study, and Treatment, to WebMD. "There has to be some sort of societal intervention. We cannot do it on our own because sugar is addictive. Personal intervention is necessary, but not sufficient."

 It is important to note that the discussion is focussed on the ‘added sugars’, not those naturally occurring in foods such as in fruit or milk.

According to the American Heart Association , Men should eat no more than nine teaspoons of added sugar a day while Women should eat no more than six teaspoons.A typical 12-ounce regular soda includes about eight teaspoons of sugar, according to the AHA. The average intake of added sugars in the U.S. is about 22 teaspoons a day.

The article published as a commentary in the journal Nature also reveals that consumption of sugar has tripled in the past 50 years and that there are now more obese people than malnourished ones across the world.
Since teaching children about diet and exercise is not much effective, to control the obesity effectively steps towards regulating and restricting the consumption of sugar should be taken. The sugar regulation can be achieved by putting  taxation to double the price of fizzy drinks and restrict of its sale as well, also tightening regulations covering school vending machines and snack bars is  also recommended by study.

As per the Daily mail.UK.  the study concludes that responsibility lies with the food companies, saying that while they may resist change, shifts in policy are possible if the pressure is great enough. Examples include the ban on smoking in public places and the fitting of airbags in cars.

However, other scientists have described the essay as ‘puritanical’, saying sugar is only toxic when eaten in unrealistic amounts. 

Views of experts
Dr Laura Schmidt, also of California University, said: ‘We’re not talking about prohibition. We’re not advocating a major imposition of the government into people’s lives. ‘What we want is actually to increase people’s choices by making foods that aren’t loaded with sugar comparatively easier and cheaper to get.’

"The commentary should be a wake-up call to policymakers," says Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, the Paulette Goddard professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University. A good first step for anyone trying to reduce sugar, Nestle says, is to cut back on or cut out sugary drinks.

 Barbara Gallani, of the Food and Drink Federation, which represents the UK food and drink industry, said that while urgent action was needed to beat heart and other diseases, it was wrong to focus on sugar alone.   She added: ‘The causes of these diseases are multi-factorial and demonising food components does not help consumers to build a realistic approach to their diet.
‘The key to good health is a balanced and varied diet in a lifestyle that includes plenty of physical activity.

At the end, ‘These simple measures are taken for granted as tools for our public health and well-being. It’s time to turn our attention to sugar.’- says the article.

would like to know views of you especially who are having sweet tooth!!!

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  • Comment Link Ian Ridgeway Sunday, 12 February 2012 13:34 posted by Ian Ridgeway

    I agree that sugar is the most common additive drug. Yes drug, it has a profound effect on the biochemistry of the body and is additive far more that most realize. Not just as an anti-nutrient. If anyone hasn't read 'The Sugar Blues" please do, it is a must read. Most people do have any idea of the impact it has had on the health of the western world. When you look at the formula for all our monosaccharides, and see how many H atoms are there and look at the metabolism of it and the amount of H+ ions are liberated to produce acidity in the cell it is no surprise that everyone is very acid. I have also found that our fruit is very low in minerals and high in natural sugars making the problem worse. See

    Having said that, I also do not think that legislating for everything is the answer to society’s problems, we need proper education. A Naturopath must be an educator. Let us get out there and show people the dangers and most importantly, show them a better way to eat. All habit can be changed in about 3 weeks if the person is motivated.

  • Comment Link Monisha Saturday, 04 February 2012 14:01 posted by Monisha

    Thanks a lot this is very useful!

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