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Monday, 05 December 2011 16:07

Gossiping – a bit of tittle –tattle can be Good for Health!!

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Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a good gossip as a gossip can be a healthy providing social cohesion and enhancing feelings of well-being”- conveys a published research by The British Psychological Society.

Gossiping is considered as one of the most favourite activity of women, however, men are not behind. The psychologist Gill suggests that “It’s one of the key things that make us successful as a species. Without it we’d die.”

 Most of us enjoy gossiping when we meet with likeminded people whether at coffee table or at social networking. The topic may range from relatives marriage ceremony to neighbour’s naughty kids or friends’ pet. Sometimes we do feel guilty for becoming a part of it. However, Gossiping can be healthy, as while chatting about certain interesting topic our brain releases the feel good chemicals such as serotonin that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

 “Gossiping often involves a lot of laughter, which boosts all the 'happy’ chemicals in our brain, and even gives us a little bit of a muscle work-out, too,” says Dr Gill.

Similarly, Malicious and unpleasant gossiping can cause an adverse effect, warns Dr. Gill. Then it can make the people to feel stressed. And gossiping can backfire if you peddle something you know to be untrue, as people can feel anxious about being caught out.”

As per Havard university researchers writing in science “gossip enables us to gather useful information about people’s characters and behaviour, this helps us protect ourselves from “liars and cheats”. It enables us to live in big groups and is, in a suitably apt analogy, the human equivalent of apes picking fleas off each other.”

More explanation from Dr. Collin Gill- Psychologist

As mentioned in, Dr. Gill says-Sharing salacious titbits with others seems to be a necessity and is a habit dating from when we were cave-dwellers; it evolved as a way of ensuring we got our fill when the hunters hauled a carcass into the cave. Gossip was a means of swapping social information about people in the group – to find out how they might behave when it came to sharing the spoils.

Nowadays, gossiping is still vital to group cohesion.  “It’s a good way of finding out what kinds of behaviour are socially acceptable in your group. If somebody raises their eyebrows as they tell you something about somebody else, you modify your behaviour accordingly.
The British Psychological Society has published research that suggest, “ gossiping is good for you – as long as it is tempered by a spirit of concern”.

“Gossip is a necessary part of human life,” says Gill. “Ninety-nine per cent of what people communicate is about other people.

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  • Comment Link Rev Thursday, 08 December 2011 09:57 posted by Rev

    I am not so sure I agree with my experience, gossip is negative energy that is harmful to others. Verbal Abuse is worse than physical abuse.

    Someone rightly pointed out that there is another form of pollution that is prevalent in our world today – verbal pollution! And who are the biggest contributors? Critics, complainers, bad-mouthers, pessimists and doomsday-sayers. Let us all join in stopping verbal pollution, starting with ourselves. Let us use words to BUILD UP, TO ENCOURAGE, TO ENLIGHTEN, AND TO INSPIRE.
    * * *
    Peter Marshall once said: “Lord, when we are wrong, make us willing to change, and when we are right, make us easy to live with.” There are a lot of good and well-meaning people. The problem with some good people is that they are good, but refuse to become better. And the problem with well-meaning people is that they mean well, but they can be mean. ~ Rev. Fr. Jerry Orbos SVD

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