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Friday, 18 November 2011 10:16

Start a day with Eggs to stay Awake and feel Alert

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The protein content of egg whites activates the brain cells that keep us alert and awake – says researchers.

egg finalGo to work on an egg – and it’ll keep you awake!  The advice of 80s proves true in recent study. Scientists have found that egg proteins, specifically those found in the white, help us stay awake and feel alert. The protein specially found in white is more effective than carbohydrates present in the chocolates, biscuits and sweets – commonly chosen  for an instant energy boost.
There are difference of opinion about the amount of  egg consumption and its health  benefits, some may advise to eat no more than two eggs a week while others will suggest to go for two eggs per day.

Daily mirror reported that researchers from Cambridge University, who were interested to know how nutrients affect the brain cells that keeping us awake and burning calories, found that a mixture similar to the protein content of egg whites activated these cells, triggering the release of the stimulant Orexin.
Whereas, sugar blocked the release of Orexin.

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‘What is exciting is to have a rational way to “tune” select brain cells to be more or less active by deciding what food to eat, said Dr. Denis Budakov.  He also suggests that go for egg whites on toast instead for jam on toast. Although both of them may contain almost same number of calories, the present of protein will tell body to burn more calories out of those consumed.
Researchers for the British Nutrition Foundation - part-funded by the poultry industry - concluded that the type of cholesterol found in eggs has minimal effect on raising heart disease risks.

"Eating eggs will raise your cholesterol"-  a Myth?
"Eating eggs will raise your cholesterol"  is a myth suggest the  Reuters (health news). Repovich,  an exercise physiologist at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington says to reauters that 'This myth started because egg yolks have the most concentrated amount of cholesterol in any food, she added. Repovich was not involved in the current study. Most people avoid eggs and probably if they have any kind of cardiovascular risk their physicians tell them to avoid eggs," Repovich said. "But really, there aren't a whole lot of studies that show that one or two eggs a day really make a difference to cholesterol levels."

It is saturated fat, rather than the cholesterol found in eggs, that are the main dietary culprit in raising cholesterol levels.
The findings were published in the journal Neuron. 


To balance  all the important nutrients including protein, fibres  etc. we must consider having fruits and other whole wheat preparation in our breakfast and meals as well.

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