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Friday, 30 September 2011 14:43

'Good' Sugar could help to weight loss!!!

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“Good” carbs obtained froms fresh fruit and vegetables, can help to combat with obesity- Study findings

weight lossThe heading may  surprised many of us, as usually Diet experts suggests to  lessen  or avoid intake of sugar to prevent and control weight gain. However it’s important to know the source of sugar to control the weight gain –says study findings.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables helps people resist the temptation of waist-expanding treats, scientists have found.

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The carbohydrates are the main source of glucose that we utilize for our day to day activity; when our supplies of glucose drop our ability to control desire to avoid carbohydrates drops and our urge to eat increases. This happens because the lack of glucose that is main food of our brain makes us helpless against the urge to reach for high calorie foods, say researchers.

The slightest drop in glucose prompts the obese patient to go for carbohydrates the main source of sugar and glucose. The sources could be ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ carbs- the good carbs includes fresh fruit, brown rice and whole meal bread, where as bad varieties include white bread and sugar, fizzy drinks, cakes, crisps and other packet snacks.

 Prof Rajita Sinha, of Yale University in America, said: "The key seems to be eating healthy foods that maintain glucose levels.

To be summarised, it’s important to know the source of sugar, the good source can help you to stay slim. Go for more fruits and vegetables to control the irresistible desire to eat carbs leading to obesity.

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  • Comment Link Tom Friday, 30 September 2011 20:42 posted by Tom

    Very informative.

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