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musicListening to music while you sleep could improve your memory, according to a new study.

Do you like to sleep in quite surroundings or prefer to have calming music? well, having habit of listening to certain type of music can help you to improve your memory power too..

In a study, the German scientist discovered that  playing sounds synchronised to the rhythm of the slow brain oscillations of people who are asleep enhances these oscillations which boosts their memory and improves the quality of their sleep.

It has long been known that slow oscillations in brain activity, which occur during so-called slow-wave sleep, are critical for retaining memories.

Either physical therapy or arthroscopic surgery can relieve pain and improve mobility in patients with a torn meniscus and arthritis in the knee, according to researchers from Washington University School of Medicinein St. Louis and six other centers. 

Their findings appear online in The New England Journal of Medicine.

“Patients can get better with physical therapy or surgery,” said Rick W. Wright, MD, a sports medicine specialist and one of the leaders of the study at Washington University.

fruitjuiceParents are harming their children’s dental health by allowing them to drink too much fruit juice, say dentists, reports daily mail.

The British Dental Association urged parents to limit the amount of so-called healthy juices and smoothies they give their children.

Unsweetened fruit juice does count of one portion of the recommended five-a-day, but experts say crushing the fruit releases sugars that damage the teeth more than eating fruit whole.

As a result, children should drink no more than a 150ml serving.

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 21:00

Meditation can lead to better Grades!

HeroPracticing a little Zen before class can lead to better grades, according to a new experimental study by George Mason University professor Robert Youmans and University of Illinois doctoral student Jared Ramsburg.

The pair of researchers conducted three classroom experiments at a California university to see if meditation might help students focus better and retain information.

A random selection of students followed basic meditation instructions before a lecture, and the students who meditated before the lecture scored better on a quiz that followed than students who did not meditate. In one experiment, the meditation even predicted which students passed and which students failed the quiz.

Sunday, 07 April 2013 13:17

Why optimism may help you live longer!!!

Optimistic people less likely to suffer a stroke

We all like to feel needed. But new research suggests having a sense of purpose is good for our health, too, reports daily mail. 

In a study of 7,000 people, those with the strongest sense of direction in life were over 70 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke.

The researchers accounted for other aggravating factors such as blood pressure and alcohol use and believe the effect comes through regulating the immune system.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 11:37

Are we tricked by “Organic” labels?

blueberries organicPerceptions of taste, calories and value can be significantly altered when a food is labelled 'organic'- suggest the Scientists at New York’s Cornell University, reports Daily mail.

The researchers also found that Cookies and yogurt were estimated to have significantly fewer calories when labelled 'organic' and people were willing to pay up to 23.4 per cent more for them

When the food label suggest “organic” its seen and perceive as healthier and tastier – and millions of shoppers willingly pay more to enjoy it.

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