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Naturopathy is a very popular alternative system of medicine, based on the philosophy that “Provided the right environment and opportunity the body’s own healing power i.e. vital force can correct the disorders naturally”. Thus the naturopathy treatment aims aiding our healing process by removing the cause of disease – ‘Toxins’. Naturopathy therapy facilitates the expulsion of unwanted and unused matters from our body by most gentle least invasive and efficient way in order to restore balance and cure the diseases.

The naturopathy specialist first takes the detail medical history of the patients, does a proper diagnosis and incorporates various treatment approaches starting with enema to detoxify body and clean the digestive system, fasting, massage therapy, deep breathing, hydrotherapy (baths) and exercises (yoga). To correct and enhance body’s natural healing system, corrective regime such as nutritious diet with supplements, body manipulation and herbal compounds may be combined, which ultimately provides overall health and wellness to a sick person.

Uses and benefits of naturopathy

  • Naturopathic treatment is found beneficial in curing both acute and chronic diseases in natural, gentle way that not only treats the disease but rejuvenates the body.
  • Naturopathy therapy helps prevent the serious chronic disease. The naturopathy specialist informs and educates people about the possible causes of disease and how to avoid them by adopting healthy lifestyle changes.
  • As mention earlier naturopathy is a complete science and can be used as alternative system of medicine to treat and prevent majority of acute and chronic diseases and also can be combined with conventional medicine to have holistic approach for cure.
The science and principles of naturopathy has influenced Gandhiji. He was a strong supporter of naturopathy and had written many articles mentioning the use and benefits of naturopathy.

Health Tips

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