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Physicians: Sharing reliable Health- wellness tips for Patient Relationships

In today’s time, physicians have been invited for speeches, educational affairs or need to conduct CME presentation However, the busy schedule does not allow them to spend quality time in writing speeches or preparing presentations and thus requires the help of professionals from medical field to support these activities.

Setu HealthCare is ideally placed to support you with the team of medical and clinical experts to generate following:

  • Patient Educational Material created for general public should be written in comprehensive- easy to understand language that enables common man to understand the key scientific medical information.
  • CME Presentation and Speech Writing: With the team of medical/ clinical content writing experts, we can help you to convert your writing challenges in to success while saving your precious time for your patient.
  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters (Bi-weekly, Monthly) : Specially designed customized health informative newsletters keep targeted audience engage while sharing useful medical information at regular interval
  • Social Media management: We help you manage your presence at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites by sharing related information at periodic interval, creating forums and moderating discussions.
  • Professional Blog management: Latest updates and current health scenario related blogs/ articles to keep visitors engage.
  • E Book Creation
  • Video Scripts Patient educative interactive providing information about diseases, surgical procedures, preventive tips.

Health writing can open the door to great experiences by encouraging communication between you and your clients.



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