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Medical Tourism & India

India is a hub of modern and traditional medicinal form. The Indian hospitals are know for its latest and state of art infrastructure and technology providing the best medical treatment and facilities. Indian hospitals and health centers provides the best in class services with significantly lower cost  compared to other countries. India enjoys the destination of choice in medical tourism due to availability of large pool of experienced medical professionals, skilled recourses for medical technology, world class medical institutes and hospitals and rich culture.

India is known for its rich heritage and ancient system of medicine Ayurveda,and Unani. Not only that the other known complementary and alternative therapy treatment is easily available in India that are known for its effectiveness in the treatment of various disease conditions. India is a hub of excellent Spa and naturopathy centers that are located at exotic locations known for their hospitality and services across the globe.

Gujarat- an ideal destination

Gujarat is located in the western part of India and it is the only state that is covered by sea from three sides. Gujarat is the birth place of Mohandas Gandhi (Father of India), the person of the century who taught the world the power of Ahinsha (non-violence). Gujarat has its own heritage and culture. The people of Gujarat are known for their business acumen and considered as great explorer-traveler. They have settled in almost each and every part of the globe. At the same time, the people of Gujarat are very friendly and are known for their hospitality and helpful nature which is evident by their inherent cultural belief in ‘Atithi Devo Bava’ (Guest is God or guest become God)’. 

The government of Gujarat has is working excellently in the growth of state’s infrastructure and facilities, the hospitals of Gujarat had state of art facilities and excellent brainpower covering experienced medical fraternity. The combination of world class infrastructure and medical fraternity make Gujarat one of the best medical tourism hubs.  To know more about Gujarat, vist the official website of government of Gujarat at 

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