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What is medical tourism?

Presenting the perfect opportunity of medical tourism with Setu Healthcare

Medical tourism means traveling to a foreign place or abroad to receive a specific medical care. It also represents a group of activities associated with traveling to different places that is aimed at improving and maintaining overall health & wellness. The concept of traveling to avail medical facility is not new; history suggests that in ancient time people used to travel at distance places to improve the quality of life by achieving an optimum health status.

In modern era this trend of traveling abroad for medical –health care is becoming increasingly popular. Patients are opting to travel outside their home country to avail a high quality, affordable and easily accessible healthcare services. Both health seekers and health care service providers are benefiting from this, the patients can receive timely, high quality treatment for their diseases or health problem at affordable prices, and on the other end the destinations can generate  revenue by providing the services that the medical tourist are looking for.  Now a day, medical tourism is not limited to medical, dental and surgical care, the concept of medical tourism is beyond that. People are traveling abroad to avail health as well as wellness. The terms including, health tourism, global healthcare, wellness tourism, spa tourism are used to describe the various programmes that are designed to provide a better healthy status with overall wellness. The different types of tourism aimed to achieve health and wellness can be accommodated under the umbrella of medical tourism. At Setu Healthcare, we have covered the complementary and alternative therapy tourism, spa tourism and other health programmes under the name of wellness tourism

Medical Tourism – A burgeoning health industry

The increased integration of global economics and culture has allowed the extensive circulation of products and services between countries. The easy and fast communication with increased options for comfortable journeys had significantly influence the growth of medical tourism industry. Now, the traveling for sick people had become more comfortable in comparison to olden days.  Considering the growth potential, the government of different destination countries is making favorable health policies to encourage the medical tourism industry. A study by global consultancy Deloitte pegs the global market for medical tourism at $60 billion.

India is becoming increasingly popular destination that had received an estimated 4, 50,000 medical tourists in 2007, double the volumes registered in 2005, by  offering services at one-fifth the costs of developed nations. Analysts expect the industry, which is growing at an annual rate of 44%, to get a boost from this move as it will help develop business linkages

Medical Tourism @ Setu Healthcare

We see that you get treated in your comfort zone and avail the best medical attention through medical tourism

It is observed that there has been a growing trend towards the patients travel to different places for seeking highest quality medical treatment at affordable price. The benefits of medical tourism\ health tourism are as mentioned below:

  • High quality of healthcare services at low expenditure- certain countries like India provides high quality of healthcare services at a much lower rate in comparison to the western countries
  • No waiting period to access the treatment
  • Many health destinations provide better quality health services in combination with wellness.
  • People can recuperate a treatment as well as get chance to relax at an exotic location simultaneously
  • People may opt for traveling to avail the special services that are not available at local place or not up to the mark.
  • Personalized services.

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