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Homoeopathy is a most popular alternative system of medicine, founded by Dr. Samuel Hanneman in Germany, 1794. It is based on the principle of “Similia”; a substance which is capable of producing disease like state in a healthy person can cure the similar disease of sick; if given in minute doses.  Homeopathy aims to stimulate body’s own healing process to cure a disease by a minimal, diluted low dose of medicine. It not just removes the symptoms but treats the individual person as a whole by removing root cause of the disease, and thus promotes holistic relief and wellness.

The sources of homoeopathic remedies include plants, vegetables, minerals etc.

Various acute and chronic, complex and recurring diseases conditions, from hair fall of the scalp to corn at the soles may be treated with homoeopathy, although it is most popular for the treatment of different skin and chronic diseases including Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Allergies, Auto immune, Psychosomatic diseases.

Homoeopathy cures patients in a gentle, safe, quick manner, providing long lasting relief, with saving of time, money and health. The Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Elizabeth are some of the known keen believers of homoeopathy.


Health Tips

Soak some methi seeds in night and in the morning make the paste of the seeds and apply it to your scalp. After 1½ - 2 hrs rinse it with plane water. This will strengthen your hair and make them dark and shiny.

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