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Importance of Weight management

Balancing your weight is important !!!!

Earlier, obesity was considered as a burning health issue of only developed western countries,  but now it has spread all over the world and the developing countries have also come under this threat.Obesity or excessive weight gain is the root of cause many preventable diseases and complications.

The word ‘obesity’ denotes the deposition of excessive fat in the body, leading to increased body weight. The major cause of weight gain is imbalance of calorie requirement and calorie intake. In addition to higher intake of calories, sedentary lifestyle, underlying hormonal disturbances such as hypothyroidism, intake of certain medication (steroids) and aging can also lead to weight gain. Similarly, the imbalance of calorie consumption(less) and expenditure of more calories is responsible for underweight.

Most of the complications and health hazards associated with excessive weight can be controlled by losing weight. Balance between the calorie intake and expenditure helps you to improve your health status by maintaining appropriate weight and it also keeps you fit and active.

The diet therapies for weight management at Setu Healthcare are specially design to help you to achieve your goal of weight loss/gain.

view our customised packages specially made to fulfill your requirnment!!!

Online weight managment consultation @ Setu Healthcare

  • Personalised: diet plan/chart prepared by the experts considering your lifestyle, liking and personal choices. These make our diet plan more effective
  • Effective: The diet plan/ charts are practically applicable, since it includes food choices that are easily available at local market
  • Balance Diet: the diet plans are appropriate combination of all essential nutrition including protein, carbohydrate, fats, minerals, vitamins and fibres to make a balanced healthy diet for individuals.
  • Convenient: Consultation with your personal dietician/nutritionist at your convenience in safe and secure environment. Your personalised dietician is just a click away.
  • Weekly guidance and follow up: with dietician/nutritionist to monitor and ensure your progress.
  • Secure: The information provided by you is completely secure and protected by our privacy policy.

Just follow, Get fit and Be healthy

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Health Tips

Make a puree of 4 tomatoes. Soak some rice for 30 minutes and grind it coarsely. Add this to the pureed tomatoes. Apply this mixture all over the body and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Bathe with warm water; this is a good scrub recipe for oily skin.

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