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'To eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is art
                                                           - La rouchfoucald
Human body needs to eat, in order to live and survive; however, living healthy life   is more important than mere surviving.  They rightly said, “You are what you eat”.  What we keep in our mouth to satisfy our hunger and to stay alive greatly affects our ability to stay healthy, do work, to be happy and to live well. Food plays an important role in maintaining overall health and wellness of ourselves.

Knowledge about the right food, in the right quantity, at right time is the key to health and wellness.

Now days, it’s easy to get information or tips on best diet program. In market, lots of choices are available; sometimes it’s become difficult to choose the right option.  Having information about food and its nutrition is not sufficient. You must have a basic knowledge regarding the requirement and right food for you.The food supplements beneficial to one may not be suitable to other.

Your nutrition requirement greatly depends on your body type, BMI(Body Mass Index-is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women), type of work, lifestyle, environment etc. Sportsmen or body builders may require extra protein which is not necessary (or can be harmful) for an executive working in office and having a sedentary lifestyle. It is important to know what your dietary requirement is and accordingly, plan out your daily diet schedule to stay healthy and fit.

However in today’s fast life with long working hours and busy schedule it is not possible to visit a professional dietician and nutritionist at regular basis.
Now, with Setu healthcare, it is possible for you to consult a professional dietician at your convenience.

We have customised packages to fulfill your requirnments!!!


Online Diet Consultation@ Setu Healthcare

The Dietary therapy and on lineconsultation at Setu Healthcare offers best online diet programme that are specially designed  by experts to provide the latest nutritional advice  to enable you to have healthier lifestyle in order to manage various diseases, weight management and maintain a stable health status.

Receive advice from experienced and personal dietician @ Setu Healthcare.

  • Customised: Online  Diet programm and planning based on your requirements, food likings and personal choices
  • Convenient: Share your information and goal with your dietician in   safe, confidential, comfortable environment at your convenience
  • Affordable & Effective professional dietary advice for
    • Weight management- Best weight loss diet plan or for  weight gain, maintain optimal weight
    • To treat various disease conditions or health problems
    • Control symptoms and   prevent the complications of disease
    • Lessen or eliminate the requirement of prescribed drugs in various conditions under Disease related Diet advice
    • To Keep yourself  healthy and fit

Our dietician gives individual support and are always ready to help   you   achieve overall wellness by   helping you to learn choose the right food and supplements

Three Simple steps to get Diet consultation @ Setu Healthcare

Step 1. Our dietician will review your query and the information provided by you, including your food habits and preferences, disease history, your aspiration for weight management and medical reports. The dietitian may ask for more details to understand your health status.

Step 2. Your personal dietician will plan a practically applicable, effective nutritional food plan and will also help you to learn choosing the right food and supplements.

Step 3. Weekly follow up based on  package selected by you. 

Our mission is completed when you reach an improved state of health and wellness

Please refer our Sample Diet plan or contact us for more details. 

Our dietician gives individual support and is always ready to help   you   achieve overall wellness by   assisting  you in the process of learning to choose the right food and supplements.

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