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Dr. Minakshi. Welukar

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 13:51

Selecting healthy cooking oil for improving heart health….

Heart disease is the key cause for higher incidence of death in industrialized countries. Health professionals always emphasize lifestyle modification as the first and the most beneficial way for reducing heart disease related risk factors. Eating a healthy diet is an integral part of such heart-healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to healthy diet, cooking oil becomes a vital ingredient in deciding a meal plan. It is not only essential stuff in all kitchens for frying and baking purpose but also important part in salad dressing. Now-a-day varieties of heart-healthy cooking oils are available in the market. But how many of them really remain healthy after cooking?

Friday, 21 March 2014 10:33

Ready to beat summer heat this season……

summer_heatAs winter is stepping back and summer is approaching…, for many it’s a time for fun and relaxation. However, increasing heat is troublesome issue for people from all corners of world.

It’s common to get sunburn, heat cramps and sunstroke in burning heat of summer; however, taking certain precautions can help you to protect your body from that illness.

Normally our body tries to get rid of extreme heat by perspiration and evaporation of sweat. However, Many times in summer our body fails to do so because of high humidity. As   high humidity in weather stops evaporation of sweat resulting in failure of heat loss mechanism.

Thus Safety concerns are must especially for aged and kids.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 10:14

snoringHere is way to fix Snoring Problem effectively to enjoy healthy relationship and life……

Snoring, a vibrating sound is one of the common reasons for split relationship. Snoring is a noisy breathing during sleep that can scare you like a hell. Heavy criticism by bed sharer not only disturbs your mental life, but you can be a victim for health problems too.

This common problem can affects almost anyone. People of all ages snore and incidences are noted in both men and women.

Forty-five percent of normal adults snore at least occasionally, and 25 percent are habitual snorers” – American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

Condition turns out serious if you wake at night with chocking and gasping for breath commonly known as ‘sleep apnea’.

Why you snore

Friday, 07 February 2014 14:40

Keep your body healthy and fit  with winter vegetables.

winter_vegIts wintertime and supermarkets are flooded with lots of green leafy vegetables. No doubt all these winter vegetables are rich reservoir of vitamins, fibre and other micronutrients and hence healthiest for body. They are not only loaded with nutrients but have medicinal properties too. Consuming vegetables packed with nutrients can act as an effective remedy for keeping diseases at bay.

Here is how these readily available vegetables provide countless health benefits.


Friday, 17 January 2014 10:09

toothacheKnow the common causes of toothache and tips to avoid it.

Toothache, a pain in and around the teeth and jaws, is the commonest cause for a dentist visit. Reasons for toothache may relate to teeth it-self or associated with other pathology. Many times toothache may signal the need to address the underlying cause, yet very few really act about it.

Here are some commonest causes of toothache.

Tooth decay

Tuesday, 31 December 2013 10:48

Medicines and standard interventions definitely help cancer patients to control pain effectively….

pain_managementHaving a cancer is a scary situation and bearing a pain makes life miserable. Cancer carries a major burden on society and caregivers. Moreover; cancer pain is the serious cause of disability worldwide and make patient life reluctant.

An international survey conducted in Southeastern Europe mentioned that lack of resources and manpower for delivery of effective cancer care are major barrier in management of cancer pain. Shortcomings of healthcare system, medication toxicity and knowledge deficit about cancer makes pain management highly challenging. Moreover, emotional problems like depression, loneliness and worry can distract patient from an effective pain management program.

So says studies published previously in the literature emphasize a beneficial effect of positive attitude towards cancer pain management.

Understanding causes of cancer pain

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 12:44

Know how minor change in your food habits can help you to keep your blood vessels healthy….

bloodvessels-3Currently, heart disease is a major public health issue globally. Commonly, heart problems are considered as disease of heart only. However, heart disease does not only implicate heart issues; but, it’s a group of diseases affecting circulatory system in total.

Circulatory or medically termed as “cardiovascular system” is constituted by heart and network of blood vessels. Blood vessel can be artery, vein or capillaries. They work in coordination to supply nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to every cell of body and take out oxygen depleted blood backward for purification. Hence, heart functioning is greatly affected by health of blood vessels or vice versa.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 10:08

Choosing Best Milk for You………

boydrinking_milkDrinking milk everyday is always a best policy for keeping body healthy and fit. As milk contains an ample amount of vitamins and minerals, especially, calcium, it’s a healthy drink for us.

However, drinking milk is not always a favorite choice among people, especially those with lactose intolerant, allergic sufferers, heart diseases patient or those preferring flavors.

Hence, manufacturers are interested in formulating different kinds of milk from various sources like soya, nuts and grains.

Monday, 30 September 2013 14:43

Brain mapping is a new revolution in the field of neuroscience

Brain has long been known as a center of control over human behavior. However, there are lots of questions that are still unanswered about brain. 

To find out a solution, neuroscientists are constantly working to develop and modify technologies that take a look inside our brain. Brain mapping is one such technique that involves a study of human brain’s structure and function with use of imaging technique. 

Imaging of different brain sections explores the connections and pathways in the brain and help to understand the way of brain functioning. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013 11:06

liverRisk factors intentionally or unintentionally harming your liver health…

Liver is the largest and most vital organ of a digestive system of our body. It keeps the body healthy by performing many bodily functions. Liver functions can range from stimulation of digestive process and detoxification to acting as a reservoir of energy.

Oftentimes, liver problems remain silent for many years, and hence we neglect liver health too.  Research has shown that liver cells are susceptible to injury in many ways. In the long run, they can damage liver cells and lead to fibrosis and cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure.

Some of the risk factors that can damage a liver are outlined below.

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