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Sunday, 26 March 2017 12:29


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Dr. Sejal is an excellent doctor who is patient, compassionate and understanding. She spends good amount of time to understand the history of illness before prescribing any medicine. Diligently helps to clear the doubts or any questions that the patient might have. Does not shy away from taking phone calls if required. In a recent incident, she has been a great support while we were on travel and needed her distant advise. I would definitely recommend her as a doctor.

Sunday, 26 March 2017 12:20


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Sejal has been an excellent doctor for my two kids and me. Her diagnosis is confident and the way she explains it makes you very comfortable. Her treatment is very effective, am a big believer in homeopathy and feel good about having found a reliable doctor like her.
Monday, 30 December 2013 11:02


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Taking Dr. Sejal's Homoeopathic medicines had made it so much easier to manage especially during various illnesses. Her medicines show significant results in a very limited period of time. Thank you, Dr. Sejal for all you have done for my family and me.
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 10:37


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Dr Sejal gave me excellent treatment. She understood my problem very well and gave good advice. I can say medicines have given me good results because my son's  immunity has improved and his breathing problem had come under good control.  thanks to Dr. Sejal's treatment. I am happy with the treatment and medicine.


Saturday, 14 September 2013 10:48


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My Son was around 3yrs and 4months old.He used to suffer from a terrible dry cough.My husband and I would have sleepless nights not knowing what to do,and to see that little child suffer was painful.He would cough every 30 seconds, and the worst part is this cough would trouble him the most when he would sleep.Numerous errands to the doctors, bottles and bottles of cough syrup but none helped.Finally when I was talking about this to one of my apartment friends, she told me about Setuhealthcare –Dr.Sejal.I spoke to my husband and said we have tried all kinds of medicines why don’t we try homeopathy as well, and the best part is Dr.Sejal at that time was residing in the same apartment as us.And so I finally went to her, she patiently listened to my sons problem .She spent almost 2hrs with me asking me a hundred questions.I left her house with a few bottles of white pills.Little did I know that those medicines would do miracles..Honestly they did “WONDERS”.They really helped.Dr.Sejal would ask me to call her each day to give a feedback on his progress.If I missed calling her a single day she would call me.
Today she has moved to Baroda, and I was so depressed when she told me she was leaving, but before she left she prepared medicines for my son to last me for 3months.I call her often and trouble her on the phone to ask her what medicine to take whenever he falls sick, and I MUST SAY she is extremely patient and is never in a hurry.
After my sons experience I advised my mom also to go to her, as she would frequently get a cold due to sinus.She is completely recovered now.
For what she has done to my son I would bow at her a 100 times.Thank you Dr.Sejal once again.
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 13:52


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My name is Devi, by profession I am a lawyer.  Me & my 4 year old daughter Jahnavi, are patients of Dr. Sejaal shah. We moved to Bangalore from Chennai two years back.

Once we moved to Bangalore, my daughter started an asthmatic tendency (which was never before) due to some allergic condition in Bangalore. As usual, we started with the Allopathic medicines and continued to treat her for the next 6 months with the Allopathic medicines.  My daughter fell ill every 15 days and was on continuous nebulisation (with asthalin & Budecort puffs). One time, when she was admitted in Manipal Hospital, due to continuous coughing, she was given the highest dose of all medicines and even then the cough was not subsiding. Then, through one of my friends who visited us in the Manipal Hospital, we got reference of Dr. Sejaal. We met her, explained Jahnavi’s condition and started with Dr. Sejaal’s medicine. Within the first one or two doses of the medicine itself there was considerable difference in my daughter’s condition and slowly we were able to stop nebulisation. We have been her patient for the past one year and now the frequency of her allergic cough has almost come down to zero. We are very happy with her treatment and gave Dr. Sejaal’s reference to all our friends and all the kids of my daughter’s age who were suffering from this allergic cough are now relieved. I had also developed a chronic sinus problem after coming to Bangalore and has undergone Dr. Sejaal’s treatment for the past one year and I am now free from sinus. More than a doctor, Dr. Sejaal is like a life saviour for all of us...any time like morning or night she is just a call away...Many thanks to Dr. Sejaal’s for being a good Samaritan....

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