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Like any other organs, ageing affects your eye and vision also. Knowing Common middle age and adulthood vision problem and correcting them on time can save you from complications..

happy_presbyopia_ladyYou may celebrate your 40th birthday with a promise of regular health check-up. However, you may neglect those minor troubling symptoms affecting your everyday life, thinking that they have no relation with major illness. Apart from the skin, heart, joints and other organs, our eye and vision also gets affected by the ageing process causing some discomfort initially which if not corrected can lead to major complications.
National Eye Institute highlights such vision problems and suggests possible treatment options. Early identification and management is the key to avoid age-related impairment of vision.

Few changes in your lifestyle pattern help to control various body pains
backacheIn the modern era of technology our life had became more simplified and convenient than ever expected. Electronic gadgets help you to connect and talk to your loved once at any time, and any place. Mobile phone and email help you convey massages at the fastest rate as compared to regular post. The internet and browsing facilitate video chatting with your friend living far away much easily and at your wish. 
Though such things modify our lifestyle, making life easy going, it brings some health hazards too. Body ache is one of them.

Here is the list of lifestyle factors leading to body pain and tips to manage them.

Health risk associated with wearing too tight fitting clothes…
We, as human being wear clothes to fulfil our basic needs.

  • Protection
  • Adornment and Identification
  • Modesty
  • Status

However, the way you wear your clothes, style and combining them with accessories reflect your personality. Wearing of too-tight apparels and accessories are in fashion today. Slimming approach turns more and more people to opt for tight-fitting dress up. Use of body shaping garment trend is more popular among women as compared to men. But wearing of too-tight clothing does not make you look good all the time, or enhances your personality. On the contrary, many studies have shown that wearing too-tight fitting clothes can lead to different health problems.

Antioxidants help to fight against various diseases, but an overdose can turn out harmful rather than good.

antoxyOn every other day, you might come across an article published in newspaper, or health website or health magazine reporting a role of antioxidants for healthy body. Even most of us blindly start to eat too many fruits or antioxidant supplements considering it is the good way to keep diseases away. Don’t you think you must do a reality check before opting for such habit...why? Read below...

What are antioxidants?

Tips to keep Joints healthy and mobile…
knee painIt’s our joints that keeps us mobile and are responsible for various physical acts and movement. Friction or pain in any joint can make us stationary. To remain active and movable strong joint and smooth mobility of them is crucial.
The joint can become stiff or can become painful due to many reasons including inflammation, aging, injury or various disease of joints like arthritis, gout etc. Many of us may face stiffness of joints during winter or when it’s cloudy weather.

How to keep your joint healthy and strong?

Food for healthy joints

Excessive repetition of certain activity is not a normal habit but indication of obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental health problem.

ocdNo doubt, hand washing before eating and after visiting a toilet is a good habit as it keeps germs away. What do you think when a person repeatedly washes his/her hands it normal? Similarly locking door while going outside and one-time check can be understood but what do you mean if the person repeatedly checks for door lock?

Though washing hand, cleaning, checking and counting are some good habits, but when they are repeated unnecessarily it indicates an abnormal mental condition of a person.
Habits are known to improve person’s skill whereas its irrational repetition disrupts person’s life. Medically such abnormal repetitive behaviour pattern is termed as “Obsessive-compulsive disorder” (OCD).

Information about various screening test of breast cancer including self examination. Simple screening tests and examination helps to detect breast cancer at its earliest curable stage and improve survival rate among cancer sufferers.

pink ribbonBreast cancer is the first cancer among the women of all races and Hispanic origin population and it is a second most leading cause for cancer-related death after lung cancer among women.-According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report.
Breast cancer is a great concern among women population, the word “Breast cancer” is sufficient enough to cause anxiety and sometimes depression in women. Fear and anxiety related to surgery, death or loss of body image sometimes takes away their sleep. 
Screening is the key to detect and hold the progress of breast cancer.

Friday, 20 April 2012 13:05

How Emotions affect our Health

Written by

Alkalizing Emotions-
I will dare to guess that you have heard before that our emotions have an effect on our health. Positive emotions can improve your health, and the opposite is also true, negative emotions can be very detrimental to your physical health.

In fact there have been fantastic results attained with emotional treatments like the “Laugh Therapy “for cancer patients. Our emotions involve more than the intangible feeling. They produce chemical reactions in our body that have either alkalizing or acidifying effects, or the consequent effects on our health.

Age-related skin wrinkles though seems to be unavoidable and irritable can be controlled with simple ways.

aishwarya-rai---smiling-face-galleryYour fresh morning mood may get to disturb just by noticing of fine lines radiating from your corner of eyes. You may become anxious on seeing loose and sagging of skin under your eyes. All these make you feel uncomfortable, and over-conscious along with a rise of your heart beats. You may ask about it to your family members, your colleagues or even run to a dermatologist. Those fine lines are nothing, but indication that you are getting older...i.e. wrinkles.

Wrinkles are creases in the skin surface, one of the age-related skin changes. Ageing is natural process and so as the wrinkle, a part of it. Our skin contains collagen and elastin fibres, a type of connective tissues which impart strength and elasticity to the skin. As we age these fibres gets damage so the skin becomes loose and lack its suppleness.

Monday, 16 April 2012 12:40

Is Anti Dandruff shampoo the solution of Dandruff?

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Know more about dandruff, use of antidandruff shampoo and other alternative ways to get rid of stubborn dandruff.

dandruffAbout 110 bottles of the anti dandruff formula are sold every minute, that counts 29 million a year, bottles of antidandruff shampoo is used. This data  published in daily mail itself suggest how common the problem of dandruff is, and  it won’t be wrong if we say that at some point of time each of us have face the problem of itchy, flaky scalp. 

Many shampoo manufacturing companies claim that by using thier anti dandruff shampoo you will surely get rid of the dandruff.

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