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Certain  foods are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep chronic diseases under a wrap.

anti_inflammatory_foodsA human body is composed of flesh and bones, blood vessels and nerves subject to injuries by various means. Body has its own natural capacity of healing through inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response of a body to protect and cure itself against a broad spectrum of infection. However, when inflammation persists for a prolong period it attacks healthy tissues as well and results in chronic ailments such as heart diseases and arthritis.

As per the University of Wisconsin, School of medicine and Public Health, use of drug therapy to minimize inflammation can change body’s chemical reaction and are associated with side effects.
Food habits, stress management and daily exercise are other ways to reduce inflammation to a great extent.
Studies have shown that selecting an anti-inflammatory diet reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, asthma, cancer and many more.  

Medical and Nutrition science have proved that dietary fibres are good for keeping diseases at bay. know why fiber rich diet is good for health and wellness...

dietaryfibersLifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are increasing day by day. Experts have shown that adoption of healthier lifestyle forms an integral part of such disease management and improves cost-effectiveness.
When it comes to lifestyle management, healthy diet plays a major role. Healthy diet just does not mean a diet with rich nutritive value, but it must be loaded with fibre.
Health experts suggest eating more and more dietary fibre imparts a lot of health benefits. 

Dietary fibre is non-digestible part of the plant that we consume along with food; form's bulk in digestive system and provide good roughage without calorie production.

They can be categories as soluble and insoluble fibre.

Researchers have shown that certain foods produce inflammation and subsequently chronic diseases in the body.

alkaline-inflammation-benefitsFood, clothe and shelters are three basic necessity of human for survival. First importance is given to the food as the food act as a fuel for body, generate energy to perform workouts, provide nutrition to enhance our look and personality, improve immunity to fight against diseases and play a vital role in many more such functions.

When experts are emphasizing on eating healthy foods for healthy body, on other side studies have found out certain foods causing harm rather than the benefit. Beyond health news release reported such foods that produce inflammation, a denominator of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

What is Inflammation?

Identifying and dealing with causes of dark circles and puffiness under eyes to add beauty in your look.

darkcircle eyeEyes not only help you to visualize but add a pleasing effect in your personality. Beautiful sparkling eyes are always centres for attraction among people. As eyes make a face to look pretty, women are more inclined for attractive eyes to get an impressive look.

However, your look may get to hamper with the appearance of dark pigmentation under eyes commonly known as ‘dark circles’. Dark circle is a hyper-pigmented area under eye that is distinguished due to darkness from surrounding skin. Accumulation of fluid under eyes makes them to look puffy and swollen, commonly known as ‘under-eye bags’. Both dark circles and under eye bags make you feel aged, tired or sick and many times a reason for depression and low self-esteem.

Dark circle under eyes is common problem encountered at least once in a life affecting both men and women equally.

Thursday, 14 June 2012 09:38

Ways to get rid of Distressing Piles

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Piles can make you feel uncomfortable and hamper your daily life. However, simple measures proved to be effective to get relief from symptoms.

pilesLifestyle-related diseases are taking toll on our health, and we are losing quality of life day-by-day. List encompasses diabetes, heart problems, stroke, cancer and many more. In that there is one more addition of health issue termed as “piles”. Yes...research has shown that faulty lifestyle is an identifiable culprit for distressing symptoms of piles.

Understanding piles
Piles, medically known as hemorrhoids is one of the concerning clinical problems encountered routinely. Piles are swollen, inflamed and painful veins in the anal region which starts to bleed in severe cases.

Monday, 11 June 2012 09:33

Natural Ways to Combat Depression

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depressionNatural methods are appearing to fight with depression as effectively as antidepressants.

Feeling sad once in a while is normal but persistent preoccupation with sadness for an extended period can turn out as depression. Depression, a common mental illness owns a negative impact on a body. Persistent feeling of worthlessness, lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities, poor motivation, decreased concentration, fatigue, sleeping difficulty, weight loss or gain all are unhealthy and interferes with quality of life.

Medical intervention is not always a good option to manage depression as it may associate with side-effects, poor tolerance and further dependency. However, some lifestyle changes and home remedies assist to resolve this issue to a great extent. Expert suggest that in many cases, natural methods act as effective therapies just like drug therapies to get relief from the symptoms of depression.

Ageing is a part of human life which is unavoidable and associated with various health issues. However, becoming smart about simple things makes your old age free from health problems and more enjoyable.

happy_presbyopia_ladyAgeing is the reality of life, and all living things have to face it. In human, ageing is marked with physical, psychological and social changes.Each and every organ of the body notices ill-effects of ageing. Additionally poor nutrition, lack of exercise, dependency due to physical disabilities, social isolation and financial insecurities all contribute for development of wide range of medical problems or may worsen the existing one during old age.

National Ageing Research Institute has outlined tips to meet the challenge of health problems of older people in order to achieve healthy ageing.

  • Eating nutritious

Strategies to Fight against Tobacco Smoking. Tobacco smoking address to a host of deadliest health problems and hence quitting smoking is must to stay fit, healthy and enjoy life…

tobacco-withdrawalIt is rightly said that Quitting smoking means winning the Battle of life. Tobacco smoking is not only detrimental to individual’s health, the long term consequences can ruin an individual’s life. Even the family and people who are in contact of smokers also possess the potential risk of health hazards caused by second hand smoke. Smoking and its consequences also affects the financial status and social life of person and society as well.

According to fact sheet produce by World Health Organization (WHO) smoking kills nearly six million people each year of which more than five million are smokers and more than 60, 0000 are those who are passively exposed to smoke.

Muscle cramps, a painful muscle problem, can be prevented with certain precautions and control with natural remedies.

muscle-crampIn our life time, many of us have experience a sudden, sharp and intense pain localizing at particular part in a body. Such intense pain may stop you from doing activity or suddenly awaken you in midnight. Many times you wonder what could be the cause of sudden acute muscle pain. However, such condition is not rare and medically it is labeled as “Muscle cramps."

Knowing about muscle cramps
Muscle cramps or muscle spasms are very common muscle problem encountered at least once in your life. A muscle a few fibers of a muscle  that involuntarily  contracts is in a "spasm." If the spasm is forceful and sustained, it becomes a cramp. Muscle cramps are sudden, uncontrolled and forcible contractions in one or more bodily muscles. Sudden, tight and intense pain of muscle spasm last for few seconds to several minutes that may disturb your sleep or restrict the movement.

Yoga energizes your body by providing amazing health benefits.

HeroNow, Student of bachelor of Medicine needs to study about yoga as part of their curriculum in India,-reports Times of India, a leading newspaper in India. Medical Council of India (MCI) has taken such a great step to create physically fit doctors, who can assure the health importance of yoga to patients. Such emphasis is just due to a versatile role of regular yoga practice in health and wellness.

Understanding the principal of yoga

Yoga is an age old ancient Indian therapy, a holistic approach to produce a balance between body, mind and spirit.
Yoga comes from Sanskrit word “yuj”, means to join or to unite. Different yoga postures create a harmonious relationship among various body systems and with environment. The union of body, mind and spirit is the key of health benefits offered by yoga.

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