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Chronic disturbing cough can be handled in effective ways.

coughChronic persistent cough can disturbed your routine life greatly. Long lasting cough not only makes daily life miserable but halts you from performing your routine activities also. If cough gets to worsen at night, then you have to face lots of sleepless nights.

Causes for chronic cough

Chronic cough is not a disease but is a presentation of underlying clinical conditions. According to mayo clinic, things that irritate throat result in chronic cough. The well known causes are,

Monday, 05 November 2012 10:40

Top 7 Drugs Causing Hair Problems

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How your medicine can affect or cause hair problems, if  you are noticing any hair problem your drug may be the culprit.

bad-hair-dayHair loss, curling and graying are very common problems encountered on every single day of life. Usually most of us neglect them relating to nutritional deficiency, stress, poor sleep or use of faulty hair products.

However, if you are on medication and experiencing such types of problems be cautious. It may be your medicine making your hair to fall or curl. Some medication can change hair color or texture and lead to hair loss or even excessive hair growth. Medical literature backed up by research -.enumerates the number of medicines having a hair problem as a common side effect.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 10:13

5 Daily Good Habits for Healthy Life

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Other than lifestyle changes adopt some good habits for sustaining healthy life.

Lifestyle modification always labeled exercise, well eating, quality sleeping and relaxation as healthy habits. However, do you think they are sufficient for our survival without getting an illness? No…though lifestyle changes are valid enough for healthy body, we must adopt some good habits on daily basis to sustain fit life.

Let’s start from your favorite eating dish to you way for enjoyment.

Fragrance chemicals are associated with numerous health problems and hence going fragrance free is good.

perfumeOur luxurious lifestyle leads to obsession of using scented products on every corner of life. Almost all gadgets we are using daily are fragrant. Whether it is bathing soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and sun cream, shaving gel or washing powder everything is studded with aromas. Even our toilet roll, air fresheners, or candles come with pleasant fragrance.

Studies after study are currently focusing the ill-effect of fragrance products on human health. Scents one time used to mask odor problems now creating nuisance due to presence of toxic chemicals, according to health experts.

Other than lifestyle factors some elements unknowingly raises your risk for heart diseases.

heart-healthy-diet-150x128Researches always link the incidence of heart diseases with faulty lifestyle. Clinician or fitness trainers constantly deal with sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, poor sleep, stress and smoking or drinking to ward off the risk of heart diseases. Majority of people or even experts are of opinion that these are only the reasons for heart problems.

However, going beyond that studies have shown the role of commonly encounter but neglected factors as a significant player in the etiology of heart diseases. Along with faulty lifestyle, these factors also raise risk for heart diseases unknowingly. Not only common man but sometimes professionals also ignore them unknowingly.

Know How use of probiotics can help in controlling various diseases symptoms.

probioticsNow-a-day trend is more towards use of complementary therapies instead of medication. Side-effects and noncompliance associated with medication is switching more and more people towards complementary therapies. Probiotics are not lagging in such cases. Furthermore, current treatment guidelines for managing bowel diseases emphasize more on probiotics.

Monday, 17 September 2012 09:24

7 Tips for Younger Looking Beautiful Hands

Written by

Beauty of hands is equally important as facial beauty, see how…

beautifulhandsThis beauty conscious era calls every woman to use all available gadgets for maintaining her beauty. Daily bombardment of cosmetic advertisements and beauty tips highlighted on television, newspaper or magazines mainly have a facial focus.

While dealing with facial beauty, we always neglect one of the vital parts of our body having great significance in beauty…hands. Yes…beautiful and gorgeous hands give added benefits to enhance your charming personality.

Dry, cracked hands along with hangnails and craggy cuticles put you in an embarrassing situation. Frequent hand washing along with contact with soap and detergent increase skin dryness and enhance susceptibility for infection. Hand skin exhibits the ageing changes as we grow, likewise, facial skin.

Thursday, 13 September 2012 10:09

4 Hidden Reasons for Overeating

Written by

Regular overeating may result of some underlying hidden causes…

binge-eating-disorder1Delicious food with its inviting aroma drives people to the kitchen from any corner of the house and if you’re hungry you will be the first to reach that dish. It’s quite natural to do over eating while hanging out with friends and your loved ones at your favorite restaurant, even during festivals one tend to eat that extra piece of delicacies though your stomach is full.

These are quite natural and understandable reasons of over eating occasionally. However, besides these occasional overeating reasons many of us are having a habit of overeating without any reasons or unknowingly…

Many times you keep on munching without any occasion, just because you are bored or don’t have anything to do or to cope with emotions…Are these valid reasons to keep on eating ?…absolutely not.

Personalized medicine, a targeted and focused treatment approach on individual level…

personalised medicineNow a day’s personalized medicine has created a buzz. Expert says that this individual centric way of treatment can reduce the health care burden.

A traditional treatment approach consisting of identification of disease symptomatology, study of patient’s medical history, evaluation of diagnostic data and evidence based treatment approach many times fail to achieve the goal. As a conventional approach is more observational and applied for a wide range of population may associates with risk and failure. Furthermore, patient has to spend millions of penny on unnecessary diagnostic tests and medicine. Even worse is patient has to suffer from detrimental effects of unneeded drugs.

Thursday, 06 September 2012 09:02

Heartburn : Identifying the Triggers

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Identifying heartburn triggers can dramatically reduce the chances for burning chest….

acid-refluxHave you ever experienced a sudden gush of bitter acid into mouth or repeated burning sensation behind a breastbone? Mostly yes…as heartburn is such a common condition experienced by everyone once in a life.

Understanding Heartburn

Heartburn, a feeling of painful burning sensation in chest or throat, is due to reflux of acid from stomach backs into the esophagus. Normally lower end of the esophagus has a muscle sphincter, called as a lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which prevents upward flow of stomach acid. However, inability of muscles of the esophagus to close tightly due to certain reasons weakens sphincteric action.

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