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Simple tips to increase your life expectancy…

walking_533Our habits and behavior run long-term impact on quality of life as well as lifespan. Research has shown that simple changes in your daily routine go long way and can add quality days in your life.

These little pieces of advice are scientifically studies and proved to be effective in adding healthy years to your life.

Choosing workout as a priority

Now it’s time to take out few minutes from your busy schedule and head for exercise.

sun protectionAvoiding and treating sunburn before consequences happens…

Getting sunburn, a red and hot to touch skin, is common after coming out from harsh sunny day. Most of the time sunburn is mild and get control with home remedies. However, if you are a victim of repeated sunburn, you must be cautious…learn why?

Skin cancer foundation specifies sunburn as the skin reddening caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Sunburn leads to long-lasting skin damage ranging from mild to severe in intensity and sometimes requiring prompt medical attention.

Monday, 22 April 2013 07:10

Soy Foods: How Much is Too Much

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How to consume soy for best…..

soyfoodsThe bloom in a healthy diet turns people to exclusively pick out goodish food. Supermarket shelves too offer an array of foods demoing great role in health and nutrition. Advances in nutritional science continue food products innovation that appeals to your taste buds and lifestyle as well.

According to experts physical activity and wise food choices are always an integral part for maintaining body healthy and fit. After the concept of whole grains or oatmeal, a next idea becoming popular among people is soy food.

12-health-risks-of-chronic-heavy-drinkingBe aware of the health risks associated with excessive alcohol drinking to stay healthy…..

The detrimental health effects of Excessive alcohol consumption are not a secret.  It’s not just your liver that is damage or road side accidents caused by drink and drive…

The health hazards of excessive alcohol consumption are more than thought of. Chronic alcohol consumptions affect the normal functioning of almost all vital organs of the body including mind. Alcohol consumption is linked to more than 60 diseases; let’s know about few of them.


"'Habitual drinking increases the risk of cancer,' says Health experts. Body converts alcohol in to the Acetaldehyde -potent carcinogen.  Excessive alcohol intake can cause cancer of the esophagus, liver, colon, head and neck, breast, and other areas. Cancer risk doubles in heavy drinkers who have tobacco as well.

Friday, 19 April 2013 10:35

7 Self-Help ways to Avoid Back Pain

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backacheBackache is one of the most common daily health complain, ranging from mild to severe that can keep you bedridden.

Here are some self- help tips that will help to prevent back pain.

1.     Men, avoid sitting on your wallet. Take your wallet out of your back pocket when you sit as this can alter your posture and could be a reason for chronic backache.


2.     Use caution while lifting objects, improper movement or suddenly lifting can strain or sprain the ligaments or muscles of back.

Smart use of artificial sweetener for potential health benefits…

artificial-sweetenersEmphasis on low calorie diet turns people to search sugar-free formula. However, human with in-built natural tendency of “sweet tooth” always run to explore sugary alternatives. This booms the concept of artificial sweetener, a non-caloric substitute to cut an excess sugar from the diet.

The market deals common brands, including Splenda, Equal, NutraSweet and Sweet ‘N’ Low. Market is flooded with food and beverages containing artificial sweetener as a familiar ingredient.

Artificial sweeteners: An overview

Monday, 01 April 2013 09:20

7 Things to Avoid Before Sleeping

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Avoiding distracting pre-bedtime activities can improve your night sleep…

sleep disturbNo one wants those frustrating sleepless nights disturbing next-day morning. As sound sleep at night optimizes your productivity, emotional wellbeing, mental ability and energy level, you always desire an uninterrupted slumber. You might be already well oriented with strategies promoting healthy sleep at night. However, how many of you are familiar with pre-bedtime things that can disturb a sleep schedule?...only few… probably those in health care professionals only.

Taming with Irresistible Sugar Cravings....

cupcakeDo you feel sick to death for chocolates? Do you always grab a candy bar to cope with your slump? Does drinking cola relieve your depression? Don’t worry… you are not alone with such experiences. A sweet tooth getting out of control is common phenomenon happening in everyone’s life.

From long time, a specific hunger for sugar food is observed in humans. As sugar is a leading cause of health problems in a modern fat-obsessed world, taming it down is ideally good for healthy body.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 11:55

Getting Pearly White Teeth

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Restore your smile with bright pearly white teeth…

whiteteethTeeth staining and discoloration is a common cosmetic problem which can affect your self-esteem.  It can stigmatize your social appearance too, offending every time you try to talk. Losing luster of teeth with appearance of stain makes you feel uncomfortable especially speaking publicly.

Staining of tooth is attributable to various reasons. Cleveland's clinic documented several reasons ranging from food to environmental factors as an offender for teeth darkening.

Some common causes are detailed as…

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:01

Why Your Belly is So Full of Gas

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Know why your belly is full with excessive gas and makes you uncomfortable.

belly gasYour belly distends; cramps and you get troubled with passing of gas. Even sometimes you feel awkward with recurrent belching but unable to control. You can’t attain social gathering or hang with your friends as you sense embarrassed every time with conking of wind. Even it can hamper your professional performance due to associated anxiety and fear.

Belly gas is one of the common reasons for your mental anguish. However, it is a familiar complaint at one time or the other in almost every person’s life. For several reasons such as poor food habits, sedentary life, or negligence on certain precautions, you become a victim of gas.

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