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Brain mapping is a new revolution in the field of neuroscience

Brain has long been known as a center of control over human behavior. However, there are lots of questions that are still unanswered about brain. 

To find out a solution, neuroscientists are constantly working to develop and modify technologies that take a look inside our brain. Brain mapping is one such technique that involves a study of human brain’s structure and function with use of imaging technique. 

Imaging of different brain sections explores the connections and pathways in the brain and help to understand the way of brain functioning. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013 11:06

6 Risk Factors for Liver Disease

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liverRisk factors intentionally or unintentionally harming your liver health…

Liver is the largest and most vital organ of a digestive system of our body. It keeps the body healthy by performing many bodily functions. Liver functions can range from stimulation of digestive process and detoxification to acting as a reservoir of energy.

Oftentimes, liver problems remain silent for many years, and hence we neglect liver health too.  Research has shown that liver cells are susceptible to injury in many ways. In the long run, they can damage liver cells and lead to fibrosis and cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure.

Some of the risk factors that can damage a liver are outlined below.

Monday, 26 August 2013 11:22

What Your Tears Want to Say…

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Tears signify more than just an emotional meltdown....

May a smearing of mascara irritate you or running nose after sobbing embarrasses you, but tears form an integral part of your life. Always known as a way to flush out pain, anger and sorrow, tears help us to control internal conflicts. However, tears can be an expression of your pleasure, yawing or laughing.

Mostly granted for an emotional response but off course this is not only the truth. Tears are the indication of different conditions varying from health issues to general one.

Some interesting questions about tears

1.Why women cry more than men?

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 11:27

7 Identifying symptoms of Type 2 diabetes

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Concerning Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetesType 2 diabetes is a daunting disease as this lifelong condition once develops difficult to tackle and lead to lots of health consequences. Type 2 diabetes develops slowly over the period of months or years and hence sometimes symptoms don’t appear for years. American Diabetes Association mentions that some people with type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that many times they often go unnoticed.

However, noticing following symptoms means something wrong with your blood-glucose level, a type of sugar. See your doctor immediately to rule out type 2 diabetes.

Frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger pangs: classic symptoms of diabetes

Monday, 22 July 2013 09:48

8 Common HIV Myths and Facts

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imagesHIV is national health crises. In spite of huge public education and medical research, some misconception still persists regarding HIV. Such myths are the main cause of panic regarding HIV and its spread leading to unnecessary social stigma.

Myth no 1. : I will get HIV if I am living with HIV infected person.

Fact: HIV virus can’t survive outside of the body for a prolong period of time. Transmission of HIV occurs only if you get exposed to infected body fluid such as semen, pre-ejaculated fluid, vaginal fluid, breast milk and blood and blood products.

Tuesday, 02 July 2013 08:04

Overcoming Hearing Loss Effectively

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Understanding causes and ways to control hearing loss…

hearingloss1Hearing loss can be a grueling and depressing experience. Hearing loss is two times more common in developing countries as compared to developed countries due to a majority of untreated ear infection cases as reported on hear-it. A relative lack of awareness about ear problems and subsequent hearing loss emerge as a major health issue for health care authority.

Hearing loss is enough to call for a number of disabilities like recognition in speech and reduction in cognitive performance of a person. This hampers day to day life of a person with an increase in chances of depression and isolation from friends and family.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 09:14

Calcium: Know the Truth

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calcium-rich-foodsCalcium has a crucial role for maintaining various body functions at ease, but some caution is needed for calcium supplement.

Are you feeling muscle cramps, pounding heart or even notice tingling and numbness in your fingers? You might be thinking what is happening to you right now. This may be a warning signal that your calcium is getting low.

Calcium can provide an answer to this mystery. Calcium will help you change your body’s chemistry and make you feel better. Calcium prompted health and its worth for fit body.


Calcium, a bone-building mineral, is present abundantly in many foods and is responsible for a majority of body functions. This is actually not new; calcium plays a central role in bone and teeth health. Additionally, calcium has an amazing role in functioning of muscle and nerve.

Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose Level(SMBG)- Useful Tool in Diabetes Management.

whatisdiabetesmellitusSMBG  is a best tolerated and effective way to monitor blood glucose level.

Diabetes, one of the major chronic illnesses, is characterized by persistent high blood-glucose level. Maintaining a blood-sugar level (BSL) within a normal range is the biggest commitment in diabetes management. Self-monitoring of blood-glucose level (SMBG), a component of modern therapy of diabetes, forms a strong foundation for diabetes self-care.

Significance of Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Achieving a normal range BMI definitely improves your health.

bmiWe are constantly under threat of chronic disorder hampering our health. A major cause for incidence of such disease is attributed towards unhealthy lifestyle.

However, experts believe that we can definitely control such health hazards if we practice a healthy lifestyle. Body mass index (BMI), a reliable indicator of health, gets significantly affected by individual lifestyle. Hence, controlling lifestyle ensure your BMI which in turn check out health risks.

BMI and its Significance

WHO defines Body Mass Index (BMI) as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (Kg/m2). Thus your BMI represents a relationship between your body weight and height.

BMI, a simple index of weight for height, is usually used to classify people in underweight or overweight categories.

Monday, 03 June 2013 09:33

8 Worst Foods in Your Fridge

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Throw away these unhealthy foods from your fridge…

freezerLet’s do it, toss out all these unhealthy foods, otherwise you will be a victim of nutritional disaster.

You may worry about eating pizza, burger or potato chips outside especially if you are diet conscious. You know that fat and calories from such foods ruin your diet plan. However, have you taken a look inside your fridge? Your fridge may be piling with lots of food detrimental to your health. These food items contribute to extra calories, sugar, fat and salt. So discard these worst foods and replace them with healthy one.

Processed meat

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