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Breast Augmentation

The Breast Augmentation is an implantation surgery which is performed in women who wish to increase the size and shape of her breast. It can be made possible with silicone, saline and many other materials supporting the breast implants. Breast augmentation first was carried out in the early 1900s after which it has become well accepted worldwide. Thereafter in 1963, after the beginning of modern silicone implants, many modifications have been made to implant shape, properties, shell texture, and the substance with which the implant is filled.

Necessity of Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is recommended for:

  • For aesthetic reasons for women who feel their breasts are too small
  • Missing volume or firmness of breast due to reduction of weight or pregnancy
  • Uneven size and  shape of breasts

Benefits of Breast augmentation

  • Women became more positive about own appearance after undergoing the surgery and had  experienced noteworthy enrichment in the  quality of their  life
  • As per numerous surveys, 90-95% of women who have undergone cosmetic escalation are pleased with their results, hence there is a high fulfillment with surgery results
  • A small period of stay at hospital is needed, as most patients are discharged from hospital within a day or two after the surgery

Risk/complications associated with Breast augmentation

  • Infection and blood loss
  • Breathing problems
  • Failure of nipple sensation
  • Uneasiness in breast feeding
  • Implant seepage
  • Unessential scarring
  • Medicinal or anesthesia reaction

Preparation of Breast augmentation surgery

  • A comprehensive physical check is a prerequisite
  • Consult with the medical doctor and make a note of a list of medicines which needed to be sustained or stopped
  • Report the surgeon about the inclination of smoking or alcohol and existing allergies related to food, drug or ecological elements
  • Take an agreement for leave from work, an assistant for driving and a caretaker at home during the post operative recovery period
  • Avoid food or drink after midnight, the night previous to surgery
  • Have a supply of clothes that are effortless to wear

Tip for medical tourist:

  • Medical tourist are directed to arrange for an accommodation in close proximity of the hospital, for recuperation after getting discharged from hospital

Breast augmentation surgery after care

  • There could be a burning sensation combined with a hurt feeling, which goes usually within a week or two post procedure
  • Tightly enveloped dressing around the breast and chest after the surgery may be crucial  and wearing a surgical bra will be mandatory
  • If surgical drains continue, then they are normal within 3 days of the surgery

Special precautions to be followed after Breast augmentation:

  • Recommence  light activities at the earliest without delay
  • For 3-6 weeks, it is better to  avoid straining yourself with strenuous activities and heavy exercises
  • Avoid extending out the arms for 3-6 weeks
  • Do not lift weighty things around two months
  • Keep away from direct contact and stimulation for 2-3 weeks

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Health Tips

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