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Dr. Dharmesh Shah

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Dr. Dharmesh Shah

Dr. Pranav Shelat DPM(psychiatry). M.I.P.S

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Dr. Pranav Shelat   DPM(psychiatry). M.I.P.S

Consultant psychiatrist, Sex Therapist and De-addiction specialist.

Dr. Pranav is practising psychiatrist and De-addiction specialist having 11 years of experience. He is having own clinic at Naroda, Ahmedabad. He is also attached to many hospitals in Ahmedabad as honorary psychiatrist, including "Naya Jivan"- a de-addiction center run by NGO.

He is an active memeber of Indian medical association and Geriatric society of India. He has been memeber of Americal Geriatric society, British Geriatric society and Australian society for Geriatric Medicine.

His area of expertise include Anxiety, Depression, Dementia, De-addiction, Psycosexual disorder, Schizophrenia, Mania. He has been associated with setuhealthcare since inception as expert Psychiatrist.


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