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Dr. Purushottam Anant Deshpande

PhD (Alternative Medicine) in cancer and chronic Ailments by Naturopathy and Alternative Remedies from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Former industrialist, X- president of many NGO’s, Practicing Naturopathy and alternative Remedies from 1963. Research in organic farming, Solid Waste Management, Naturopathy and alternative remedies for cancer and chronic ailments.

Given extensive training to over 600 healthcares and Doctors for the treatment of cancer by naturopathy in Pune and Hyderabad. Free training to desired persons On every Sunday.

Presently Vice President (Yoga and Naturopathy) of Ayush Medical Association.

Regular visiting lecturer in National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune.

 Naturopathy treatment for  various types of cancer patients including Breast, Ovaries, Uterine, Cervix, Kidney, Liver, Prostate, Bone, Lung, Brain, Blood cancer of all stages and grades. 

  • Auto immune disorders, Brain stroke, Parkinson, Paralysis, Nervous Disorders, R. arthritis, etc. 
  • Infertility, Sexual disorders.
  • Psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • Ophthalmic disorders like Retinopathy, MDD, Optical nervous, dryness etc.  

Speciality: Cancer Naturopath

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