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Dr Jay Sanghvi: BSAM, ND, CAC

A renowned doctor with more than 30 yrs experience in Ayurveda and Nature Cure. As one patient put it, “he is like a rock star of Naturopathy”. He has treated patients from across the world in his career and they are more like his fans. He has deeply researched various diseases and is adept at treating several very challenging medical conditions. He is a BAMS from Ayurveda University, Jamnagar and in his career spanning more than 3 decades has set up several Nature Cure Centers in Gujarat which are all running successfully. He also trained numerous Naturopaths and therapists in the area of Naturopathy and they are serving the society through their services in India and abroad. His expertise lies in treating vital organ related diseases and auto-immune conditions. All through combination of safe traditional herbs, gentle Naturopathy treatments, and Yoga. He has widely travelled in India and abroad to treat, conduct camps, and educate people regarding Natural ways of staying healthy. He has been a guiding force and inspired several of his students to start Naturopathy practice in India and abroad.

He is also an Assistant teacher of Vipassana and has taken courses in various countries. He is currently based in Kutch, Gujarat and leads the medical team at Swas as its Medical Director.

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