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Ken Mason

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5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite #3, Skokie, IL 60077, US

Ken Mason is a Certified Advanced Energy Healer who has been training and practicing in energy work and energy healing for over 20 years.  He is a graduate of the Inner Focus School For Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing.  Ken holds a Certified Advanced Energy Healer degree and Masters degree from Inner Focus.  Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing provides a direct experience into where energetic disharmonies are held.  This allows an access to wisdom held within the different parts of your personality and within the body itself physically and on its energetic levels to enable transformation.  Ken is fully trained and extensively experienced in all of the numerous healing modalities of the Inner Focus School that do all this and more. 

Energy healing is a powerful and profound way to deeply transform hidden beliefs, judgments and feelings that limit you. Energy healing works to release and clear them leading to more happiness, fulfillment and a sense of true empowerment.


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