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Q.1.Why to use Ask Expert paid service?

Ans. Ask Expert service is specially design for the people who seek an authentic medical advice from experts. In today’s fast life it has become difficult to visit and do follow up at medical centers for non-emergency conditions. In such cases, you can avail best suited medical advice as per your convenience in short period of time by using our ask expert service.

Q.2.What is Ask Expert service?

Ans. Our Ask Expert services includes

  • Consultation with medical experts and get the second opinion for the existing medical conditions that to at your convenient and time.
  • Consultation with a complementary therapist to have alternative treatment option, along with regular treatment plan, to achieve wellness and better outcome.

Q.3 What do you mean by consult complementary therapist?

Ans.The complementary and alternative therapies have proved their efficiency in treating various ailments that are not generally managed with the conventional medicine. In addition to this, it has been observed that the right combination of conventional medicine and complementary & alternative system of medicine has been more effective in the treatment of diseases. The combination has worked really well by improving the quality life of patient suffering mainly from chronic diseases.

Setuhealthcare provides you a unique platform where you can interact with conventional medical experts and complementary therapist at your convenience and thus can achieve the state of wellness comfortably.

Q.4. Can I ask  medical questions related to health conditions of my parents, friends or relatives?

 Ans. YES, you can ask questions pertaining to health condition of any of your family members or friends. You just need to provide relevant information to medical experts who will in turn share their opinion with you. In some cases, our panel experts may request for additional details to provide you with the right advice.

Q.5. How do I get an answer to my health query?

Ans. Your question will be sent to relevant medical expert on receiving the payment. Our expert will study the case, based on the information provided by you, and respond to your question that will be sent to you at your email id.  In some cases, they may ask for more information from you to understand the health condition properly. The entire process may take 3 to 4 working days post submission of question and realization of payment.

Q.6. What should I do if I need emergency medical advice?

Ans. Ask expert service is not for emergency medical conditions. Please consult your family physician or nearest emergency department.

Q.7. How many days do I need to wait to get answer after providing  information and payment? What if I don’t get answer within a week from panel expert?

Ans.  Generally, you will receive answer to your question within 4 working days from realization of payment. If you don’t receive the answer in defined period of time, Setu Healthcare will give 50% of the consultation charge back to you

Q.8. What if I have additional questions?

Ans. You can ask 2 follow up questions to the same query to our expert within a week time from the receipt of answer to your question. Setu healthcare will not charge anything for these set of questions. In such cases, our expert may take 3 to 4 working days to answer your question depending upon the complexity of your health query.

Q.9. Why are there a few medical experts in your panel?

Ans. Setu Healthcare is founded on the strong principle of providing authentic medical advice from trusted experts. Therefore, we have taken utmost care in selecting experts who really believe in providing genuine and reliable medical advice that you are seeking for.

Q.10. What will happen if I am not satisfied with the answer or my question is not properly addressed?

Ans. Setu Healthcare gives you the guarantee of 100% money back if not satisfied with the answer.

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