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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 10:08

How to Choose Best Milk

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Choosing Best Milk for You………

boydrinking_milkDrinking milk everyday is always a best policy for keeping body healthy and fit. As milk contains an ample amount of vitamins and minerals, especially, calcium, it’s a healthy drink for us.

However, drinking milk is not always a favorite choice among people, especially those with lactose intolerant, allergic sufferers, heart diseases patient or those preferring flavors.

Hence, manufacturers are interested in formulating different kinds of milk from various sources like soya, nuts and grains.

All of them have own pros and cons, and in short all are not suitable for everyone.

Different types of milk with nutritional benefits

There are varieties of milk to fulfill consumer’s demands. However, preference to best milk depends on individual need, body type and taste choice. You may probably hear about many of them or actually using them in everyday life.

So, seeking right milk to drink, let’s go through following.

Cow milk:

Cow milk is considered as a complete food offering all essential nutrients. As a highly potent source of calcium, cow milk help for building bones and hence is a good choice among women and elderly. Additionally, presence of protein imparts nutritional quality to it.

However, a suspicion rises due to presence of high percentage of saturated fat. Saturated fat from cow milk is a major culprit for increasing cholesterol level and risk for heart disease.

Soy milk:

Soymilk, a soybean derived milk, is a popular milk substitute to cow milk. Unlike cow milk, soy milk is lactose-free and saturated-fat free, which makes it’s a safer solution for those with lactose intolerance or heart disease.

According to ABC news, soy is a good choice for lactose intolerance or those allergic to dairy. Again, it is a rich source of calcium and protein.

However, consuming a large amount of soy is known for its ill effect on hormonal balance. Soya contains phytoestrogens and exposure to such estrogenic compounds in infant, and kids disturb the sexual differentiation during an early developmental period.

Reduction in fertility in women is another greatest threat with soy consumption.

Oat milk:

A blend of oat offers a good source of vitamins, fiber and folic acid and lot’s of antioxidant. Phytochemicals from oat milk keep heart diseases, stroke and cancer under a wrap. Oat milk is enriched source of calcium, vitamin A and iron.

Presence of gluten makes it unsuitable for gluten-sensitive people. Additionally, depending on brands it may contain high level of sugar.

Rice milk:

Prepared from unsweetened brown rice, rice milk is not only free from lactose but also low in saturated fats. High-fiber contents reduce cholesterol level making it heart healthy.

High starch contain makes it unsuitable for people with diabetes. Another drawback is low protein content, which minimizes its nutritional value.

Almond milk:

Almond milk does not contain cholesterol and lactose. Hence it is another good choice for people who are lactose intolerant and heart disease sufferers.

A surprising fact about almond milk is a presence of more vitamins and minerals as compared to other alternatives. As an excellent source of vitamin E, this milk imparts healthy skin, and flavonoids contain promotes heart health.

However, protein content in almond milk is not as good as to cow milk. Moreover, flavored almond brand contains added sugar that makes it unsuitable for diabetic people.

Thus, it appears that every milk and its alternatives have own pros and cons. However, selection totally depends on individual need and health reason. Your age, gender, allergic history and risk for chronic illnesses all are important determinant while selecting best milk for you.

So before you start drinking, it would be better to take extra caution while selecting suitable milk for you.

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