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Monday, 30 September 2013 14:43

Brain Mapping: Unlocking Mysteries of the Mind

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Brain mapping is a new revolution in the field of neuroscience

Brain has long been known as a center of control over human behavior. However, there are lots of questions that are still unanswered about brain. 

To find out a solution, neuroscientists are constantly working to develop and modify technologies that take a look inside our brain. Brain mapping is one such technique that involves a study of human brain’s structure and function with use of imaging technique. 

Imaging of different brain sections explores the connections and pathways in the brain and help to understand the way of brain functioning. 

Need for brain mapping

Why people suffer from mental illness? Why you experience an irresistible urge? How new ideas are generating in our mind? How this actually happens is always a curiosity for neuroscientists.

Brain mapping that uses technology of imaging, and data analysis gives better and clear answer to resolve this mystery of a brain.

Benefits of brain mapping

  • Give complete structural map of brain

Brain mapping gives a thorough picture of brain anatomy, including specific brain regions, lobes, receptor distribution and neuronal circuits.

This help to define clear ideas of certain brain areas and understand how these anatomical regions are linked with different functions like speech, language, memory and thoughts.

  • Help to Understand human behaviors

Brain mapping allows the researcher to study specific brain region with its function and link this function with human behaviors.

Identifying changes in the specific circuits of neurons assist to study abnormalities in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzehimer’s and Parkinson.

Evaluation of neuronal abnormality in Schizophernia is a great way to understand patient’s behavior and determination of treatment approach.

  • Simplify treatment approach

Brain mapping simplifies the treatment approach while conducting brain surgeries. Preoperative imaging maximizes the surgical outcome in Parkinsons’s patient reported on University of California, San Francisco.

Study of brain tumor before and after surgery with imaging technique determines a location of tumor and its relation with other vital structures. This avoids damage to critical areas of a brain during extensive tumor removal reported on Texas Oncology.

Such surgical approach leads to preferable results, fewer detrimental side effects and serves as a strong cautionary note.

  • Treatment for brain disorders

Brain mapping is a great help in identifying cause and evaluating most promising treatment in certain brain disorders like epilepsy, autism, depression and anxiety.

Brain mapping in 3D

A group of researchers map the brain of 65 year old women with high resolution to get detailed anatomical structure. According to latest news published on nature, international weekly journal of science, a brain map called as ‘BigBrain’ showed the network of neurons with microscopic details.

High resolution of 20-micrometer gave a detail about neuronal distribution in layers of cerebral cortex and different brain regions. This help to get clear picture of specific brain regions with distinct functional units.

Furthermore, it helps to collect and study information regarding gene expression, neuroanatomy and neuronal activity.

Issues with brain mapping

Today money is the biggest issue while conducting research related to brain mapping. Such projects are consuming billion dollars and most difficult to conduct.

Off course this doesn’t mean to stop the research as researchers believe on one day brain mapping makes a world of difference.

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